Over the years our members have traveled to Kenya, worked on the Kenya Mission, raised funds, and participated in events. These are their stories.

Go to Kenya sometime . . . you won’t regret it. (10/25/2017) - from Cindy Turner, 2017 Mission Team Member As a matter of fact, I wish everyone in the US would take a trip to Africa. So beautiful and rugged. Unforgiving, yet one of the most hospitable places I’ve ever been. The entire continent is not like this, of course, but Kenya certainly is. As Americans, we should experience what it’s like not to trust the water – on a daily basis! Rolling blackouts, endless dust and diesel fumes, yet beautiful rolling hills of tea leaves and Continue Reading
Everything in his time! (7/25/2014) - "Everything in his time!".....I think I've heard those words spoken a thousand times....I've dreamt them and fought them....until I've finally accepted them -- well, almost... Steve and I were married six years ago this July 19th.  It was a relationship built on love, respect and children. We both had children from our previous marriage.  Yet, we took the time and patience and blended them the best way we knew how.  Oh, sure, there were issues while we dated but none that would prepare us for what Continue Reading
Steve’s First Mission Trip (1/18/2014) - In January 2014, from the 6th to the 18th, I participated in my first mission trip for KCK. We were very successful in our first train the trainer classes and demonstrated that the technical school is not only viable but desirable. Here are a selection of the pictures taken over the two weeks I was there that will give you an idea of what we did and introduce you to some of the children we support. I was gone for about two weeks. The trip Continue Reading
By The Numbers (5/25/2013) - I used to think that people across the world were very different from me. I mean maybe I didn’t think about it consciously, but I think that my reactions and many of the stereotypes that I had really showed my thoughts on it. But the truth is that the people here aren’t so different from people in America or anywhere else in the world. The children aren’t so different from the children around the world. The children here love to laugh and play. They love Continue Reading
Kenyan Feet (5/25/2013) - One evening last week, I decided to play football (soccer) with the children. We played for a couple of hours—kicking a ball that has seen better days through the dirt and dust that seem to cover everything in Kenya. I was wearing sandals, and as I’m sure you can imagine, by the end of our game, my feet were absolutely disgusting. The children and I walked back to the home and I decided to wash my feet. I went over to the water tank and Continue Reading
Why Dianna (5/25/2013) - I’ve expressed before the joy I felt overseeing the children come to the new home. Until you witness with your own eyes the deplorable situations the children in our program have come from, I don’t think you’ll be able to fully appreciate and understand how amazing it is to see them leave behind a life of absolute squalor and abject poverty to live a life that is exponentially better. Imagine what it would be like to be that child. Imagine what it would be like Continue Reading