School News

Schools, registrations, and graduations (2/20/2018) - It was so exciting and humbling to see the first KCK Technical Training Institute students. Five years ago the Lord gives us a vision of establishing a Technical Institute to impact and teach skills to the children under our care and the youth in the community. By Faith we trusted God and embarked on long winding journey. From the humble beginning of making the first earth bricks to construct the workshop. The earth bricks were made by use of a machine called hydro form brick-making Continue Reading
THE FIRST KCK TECHNICAL INSTITUTE STUDENTS (12/5/2017) - It is with great joy I pen down the story about the first students in our KCK Technical Training Institute. Believe it or not the pioneer students to KCK Technical training were our very own children who still pioneer the KCK first home. They were James, Victor, Ken, Alex, Joy, Friday, Maureen, Brenda , Timothy… all very well known to KCK family of sponsors, affiliates and partners. All these children are referred as mama Ellyjoy’s children. Dennis Gitonga missed the one month short course computer Continue Reading
KCK Technical Training Institute (5/9/2017) - THE CONSTRUCTION OF CLASS ROOMS I am so excited to share with you the current status of the classroom construction. In one of our updates this year we shared with you of how we broke ground by faith and trust in God for the technical school class rooms. It was a venture of faith and reliance in God for continued supplies and resources to complete the work. We feel so humbled and grateful to God for the construction of these classrooms are like 90% done. Continue Reading
Electrification Of Technical Workshops, Masonry Works And Offices Construction (4/13/2017) - The memories of the Ken ‘Ya Run Marathon runners are in our minds. The proceeds from the Marathon run sent to us to do electrical installation of the workshops together with construction of three offices inside the workshops for instructors and to act as storage facility of smaller tools. It is with great joy to inform you that the electrical installation in the workshop is now complete. The carpentry technician who was constructing the offices had the opportunity to use our electric power tools for Continue Reading
Babies, Visits, Studies, and School (11/8/2013) - The rainy seasons are finally here. As usual so muddy. We are grateful for the work Reba and the team did last time they were here. All the kids have mud boots and umbrellas. It’s now easier to walk to school in the mud. Meet Baby Myra When Myra visited Kenya together with Reba and Andy, She named the baby teacher Jane was expecting after her so convinced that she would be a baby girl. One day after they left Kenya, teacher Jane was successfully Continue Reading
Visits, Stuff, Schools, and Connections (10/11/2013) - KIERENI PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH VISITS THE HOME Kiereni Women’s guild visited the home and brought with them stuffs such as bar soap, cooking oil, fruits, candy, loaves of bread, maize and wheat flour, beans and lots of other food stuffs. They really appreciated all that is done to the kids and prayed that God may continue providing to these dear ones. They had carried cooked food to share with the kids. The kids enjoyed and appreciated this kind gesture. They promised to visit the kids again. Continue Reading
Pauline, Helpers, and School Update (9/28/2013) - We are grateful to God for another week that He has given us full of His mercies and Grace. We are all fine at KCK. The kids are doing great. A lot of activities have taken place for the week. Meet Aunt Pauline Aunt Pauline is the assistant mother of both homes as well their Auntie. She helps the Mama’s with the chores and also maintains the cleanliness of the compound. Pauline is also good at farming and manages the small farm we have at Continue Reading