Peace Group

Peace Building and Conflict Management

Peace building and conflict management came about in 2007 after the election took place and war broke in Kenya which led to thousands of people killed and thousands others displaced and becoming refugees in their own country.When the people fleed their areas due to the bad conditions and increased level of war, some moved to very bad areas and lived in deplorable conditions. Kenya Connection Ministries planned to pay a visit to two camps: Jamhuri Park camp in Nairobi and Kirathimo camp in Kikuyu. The Kenya Connection Ministries went to give people in the camp hope that the situation would improve and become better. With us we carried food stuffs & blankets to use during the long cold nights.

A school that had been established there needed textbooks, exercise books and the teachers also needed chalk to use. The money to buy food stuffs, with which Rev. Humphreys bought one lorry full of goods, was donated by Mars Hill Presbyterian Church.

Peace & reconciliation program was boosted by Cherokee when they donated $10,000 between 2011 & 2012. The money was used in training peace building & conflict management in various groups in Kenya.

We started by training leaders which was carried out by an organization called Amani Communities Africa which is accredited to teach peace & conflict management by the government of Kenya. They trained 25 KCK leaders. After the training we set out to roll the program right in the grassroots in the warring communities in Kenya.

Among the groups equipped with peace building skills include: church leaders, village elders, university student leaders, school heads & teachers, tribal chiefs & tribal heads, government administrators, political aspirants, and campaign managers.

We are also grateful to God that he gave us an opportunity to train a University Student Leader from SUDAN and has been beckoning us to go there and train. We wish we are able to get resources and finances to get there and help in training their leaders on the importance of peace & conflict management. Please pray for them as they are in turmoil. Pray also that the Lord will open a way for us to go there and help.

For three years all those groups have been equipped on skills and training on peace building & conflict management.

We thank God that the leaders carried our ideals and philosophy of non-violence and embraced dialogue, arbitration and accepted legal means of resolving differences & conflicts.

We are grateful to God because we have seen communities which had conflicts meet and talk with each other peaceful and resolve their differences. We have also witnessed a conflict between a school and community being resolved amicably as a result of the training. We are all witnesses that in the last year general election in Kenya though the presidential election was disputed the right tools of resolving conflicts were used.

During the campaigns that year, the language used by campaign managers and politicians in the political rally was that of tolerance and violence was discouraged. We as Kenya Connection are so grateful to God and we feel humbled that the Lord chose to use us as one of the vehicles of fostering peace and reconciliation. That is a commitment we carried for 3 years and we thank God it yielded fruits.

Lots of thanks to Cherokee Presbytery of GA in the United States who gave us the money to carry out many seminars & peace dialogue meetings. Thanks also to Kenya Connection team in the states lead by Louise Mell & Cindy Turner for their facilitation in ensuring that the funds from the church reached us on time to facilitate for the training.

Please continue to pray and trust God with us that we will get more funds and resource to continue with the series of persuading and teaching more groups and communities on the importance of peace building & conflict management. We pray that the seeds that we helped plant together with other groups in Kenya will continue to grow and flourish and our beloved country will live in peace.


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