News from the Homes

Silvia Auma Musumba (2/5/2018) - Silvia's was born on October 12, 1998 and currently attends Komothai Special School. She is one of the sponsored kids in our outreach program from Nairobi region. She was born 20 year ago and she was born with a mental challenge. Silvia has one sister and one brother. Her mother is a dressmaker and her father is a carpenter in Nairobi. Both of the parents don’t have a permanent job; they are casual labor and sometime they hardly get jobs. Silvia is currently sponsored by Continue Reading
Peter Muthethia Mthoni (12/19/2017) - It is with great sorrow and grief that we inform you that sweet Peter Muthethia Muthoni has been called home to our Lord. He was 11 years old. Peter suffered from Aids and its related complications. In recent weeks he had been in and out of the hospital. His latest hospitalization was December 17 at the Chuka General Hospital. He did not respond well to treatment and was unable to hold down food or medicine. This left him very weak. Since he could not be Continue Reading
CAMP DAY 3 on 3RD DECEMBER 2017 (12/10/2017) - The day started cool, punctuality was observed by both the students, guardians and the KCK staff. The kids were prepared by 7.40am for classes. Before the lessons kicked off a common fellowship was conducted for the campers, this helped in the general freshening up for the kids making a few announcements and getting the reactions from the participants.   By 8am teaching and learning started for the various groups. Each group had different topic, may God bless the team which came up with the topics, Continue Reading
December Camp 2017 – Day 2 (12/3/2017) - The day started well. The kids woke up at 6.00 in the morning, did their personal cleaning up to 7.00am. What followed was breakfast which lasted for 45 minutes. We had a short assembly where the kids were given the program of the day. During the camp we normally divide our kids in 6 different groups. Bearing in mind that our kids are in different classes and grades, they are grouped as follows: Kindergarten and Grade 1, grade 2 & 3, grade 4& 5, grade Continue Reading
December Camp 2017 – Day 1 (12/3/2017) - They came in their numbers carrying their luggage’s ready for a five day camp. The farthest from Nairobi, Tharaka, Cheera, Ikuu, Home and Kirubia. All gathered at Kiereni high school. This school is to be called home for the next 5 days. Excitement filled the compound as group after group entered the school towards the registration desks. At the registration desks all the kids’ info and items they had carried for the camp were recorded. A lot of catching up as some of them had Continue Reading
Praise Update – There is always Hope!!!! (10/24/2017) - Ok Folks—it’s time to get down on our knees and pray!  See below for the INCREDIBLE EMAIL that we recieved!  You may remember the team from Eastminister Presbyterian.They are in Kenya now on a mission trip and went to Chuka to see Humphrey and our KCK family. This is indescribable and can ONLY be the work of God!  Please pray that the doctors from Egypt can locate specialists who will help and that the Kenyan government will provide Praise with a Visa to go. Pray Continue Reading
Peter’s Update (10/12/2017) - It is with great joy to let you know that Peter was discharged from Chogoria Hospital yesterday. The sweet boy has been hospitalized twice at the hospital. When the tests were carried out, he was diagnosed with H.Phyrori bacteria. Its a very stubborn bacteria of the stomach. It destroys the intestinal lining of the stomach. t could be what has been causing the vomiting for almost a month. Praise God! He is responding well to treatment. So far for the hospitalization and medication we have Continue Reading
Sick little boys (10/4/2017) - Good morning Friends and Family We have received word this morning that our young Peter is sick and in the hospital. We also have news about Praise. As many of you know, Praise has a tumor growing in his sinuses. The doctors attempted to remove the first one but it grew back. Then another started to grow in the other sinus. The result at time was blindness as the tumors pressed against the optic nerve. We thought that the tumors had quit growing at that Continue Reading
Dennis Mwenda (9/29/2017) - Dennis Mwenda was born in the year 2004. He comes from Cheera village in Chuka town. When he joined the KCK program, he was being raised by a single mother who came from a poor background. He was seven years old and in grade one. They lived in a grass-thatched house that was falling apart and on one side wall, it was covered with dry banana leaves. At other times, he would also live with his aunt who lived nearby. Currently, Dennis lives with his Continue Reading
Update on Praise (9/12/2017) - It has been a while since we have updated you on Praise. If you will recall, Praise is our young man who was diagnosed with a tumor in his sinus behind his left eyes back in early 2015. It visibly manifested itself by causing the eye to bulge as the tumor pressed against the eye socket. After 5 months of CT Scans, MRI's and biopsies (which showed it was not cancerous), he was operated on to remove the tumor. The operation was deemed a success. Continue Reading
Update on Praise (8/25/2017) - When Praise attended his last clinic, where the doctors had requested for another scan, the scan was done and the outcome was that the tumor had developed to 7.2*7.6*7.7cm from the previous 3.7*3.5*3.2cm in 2015. The growth is now on both sides of the eye. As we write this, he is in for another appointment today to see the doctors and we will keep you posted on the development. Continue to pray for him as you have always done. Humphrey.
Kenya Sunday (8/24/2017) - You are invited to a special Service on September 10, 2017 9:00 am and 10:30 am Mars Hill Presbyterian Church 3385 Mars Hill Rd Acworth, GA 30101 We will be celebrating the 10th Year Anniversary of our Kenya Connection Kids, Inc Mission. The mission trip was an amazing success. Come and see how we have grown in the past 10 years. Guest speaker, gifts and pictures from your sponsored children will be available for pick up. Please come and see the progress we have made Continue Reading
Praise’s Birthday (8/11/2017) - We are so happy to share with you on Praise's Birthday. What a Party we had! Praise, the kids and all were happy to celebrate him. Great memories were shared on Praise time at the home. The kids, staff all shared the impact Praise has had in their lives. It was awesome. We really appreciate the money sent to organize this. We bought a new suit, shoes, vests, Jacket, Cake, Doughnuts, Sodas, pop corns.......
OUR FAMILY! OUR JOY! (6/16/2017) - The day was bright and every one was excited because it was our family day. A family is the smallest unit of people living together. Here at KCK, we hold family days once every holiday where we get to meet with kids and have fun. In our family days we sit down as a family to discuss our progress every kid gets to talk and this helps build their confidence and eloquence. We started with opening prayers said by one of the kids and after Continue Reading
Container #7 Has Arrived!! (6/6/2017) - We are writing to let you know of the safe arrival of the 2017 container. Allow me to say that we receive this container full of supplies with lots of gratitude and thankfulness in our hearts. It is the 6th container the Kenya Connection Team from the states have sent to help the orphans and the destitute and the entire community in Chuka. The container which arrived on Sunday afternoon at 3.00 o’clock had supplies which included furniture for the technical offices, gifts for hundreds Continue Reading
7, 8 & HIGH SCHOOL KIDS SEMINAR (9/2/2016) - Every holiday we meet with all our kids in various classes. We check through their school performance, do topical seminars for them and encourage them to work hard at school. We also handle counseling at personal levels. This holiday we had class 7, 8 and High School kids. We are trusting that 27kids will graduate from primary and 5 from high school.  We handled topics like discipline, how to prepare & pass in exams, Dealing with distractors at school and positive attitude.
KIDS ON DADDY’S HONORS LIST (9/2/2016) - Here in Kenya we have 3 terms/semesters in a year. The kids close school for the holidays every April, August and December. During this time kids who have performed very well are taken out for Breakfast in what we call “Daddy’s Honors’ List”. This holiday we had a couple of kids who qualified for Daddy’s breakfast. The kids were taken out, had a great breakfast and each kid was able to do shopping at the supermarket/Wal-Mart. Below are the photos.
MEET ALICE GACHARA (5/20/2016) - Alice is a student at Chuka University pursing a Bachelor’s degree in Community Development. She is currently in her final year. She is required to undertake a 2 months attachment program as a requirement for her to graduate. As KCK we have offered Alice an opportunity to apply what she has learnt in class for the four years. She will be helping us with general office work, counseling with the field kids life coaching & role modeling home kids and helping the mothers at the Continue Reading
MEET VELARY KANANA (5/20/2016) - Velary is a 3 year old child born to a single father. The girl’s mother abandoned her at a tender age. She had no place to call home. As KCK we have rescued this dear child as plans are being made by her relatives for a suitable placement for her. Velary is happy to be at KCK and she is adapting well. Beside is a photo as Humphrey welcomes her together with Mama Rose to the home. Below is Velary’s time at the home. 
BIBLE STUDY AND BREAKFAST (5/6/2016) - There are also some very important things that we do each and every holiday with the kids. Bible study is one of the things that we give the first priority as the KCK family. We know and we understand where our God has brought us from and where he will be taking us, so we cannot afford leaving Him out. We also did a breakfast day with the kids who had achieved the pass mark set (Daddy’s honors list). It is always loved by kids Continue Reading
GAMES WITH THE HOME KIDS (5/6/2016) - As the wise men say that work without play makes Jack a dull boy. We as the KCK family usually have games with the kids 3 times in a week whenever they have closed their school. We have lots and lots of games we play together with the kids during the holiday time. The reason we do this is so as to make sure that our kids are busy and above all we want them to feel as if they are at their homes. Here Continue Reading
Kirubia and Tharaka Connection Day (4/22/2016) - We also did our connection day which we usually do each and every other month. We also happen to meeting with all our primary school kids from all our regions and we too monitor their health, school work and forgetting to give them some food subsidizing among the other items.   This is the connection day at Kirubia Center with all the kids, guardians and the board members taking a group This is the connection day at Tharaka Center with all the kids, guardians and Continue Reading
MEETING WITH HIGH SCHOOL KIDS (4/22/2016) - We usually meet with our kids every time they close school and this April holiday was not an exception to us. The main reason why we meet with our kids is because we as an organization we like monitoring their performance in school because that is our core business with them. We also recognize them who have done well and the onces who did not do so well we encourage them to pull up their socks. These meetings have been bearing fruits because every term Continue Reading
Update on Exit Home (4/15/2016) - We are happy to report the progress of exit home construction. At the moment we are done with walling. We are currently at the roofing stage. In the meantime, doors and windows are being done. Photo 1 below shows the outer part of the building while Photo 2 shows the inner sections. Photo 3&4 shows the already completed doors and windows but are yet to be installed. We appreciate all that have contributed towards this noble course.        
Auntie Pauline harvest in the garden (3/25/2016) - We thank God so much for the season he has enabled us harvest some maize from the garden. Auntie Pauline has been very keen with that garden and she has been working extra hard so that we can harvest some food from it. Here are some of the pictures of the harvest done. This was the Machine that was giving Auntie Pauline a hand in threshing maize. This is the threshed maize being dried up so that it can be stored.
ATTENDING CLINIC DAY IN OUR KIDS SCHOOL (3/25/2016) - Mama Ellyjoy and our Director Humphrey went to see the academic progress of our kids in their school. Mama Ellyjoy went to visit Godfrey Mwandiki and Joy Karegi then Humphrey went to see Alex Koome and Timothy Ngugi. They found out that the kids had adjusted to their new schools and that they are doing well. We are so proud of these kids. Here are now some of the pictures that they were taken. This picture was taken inside Godfrey’s class together with his classmates Continue Reading
Update on Exit home (3/4/2016) - Hello! We are writing to inform you of the progress we have made on the exit home for the boys. With the money that was raised during Humphrey’s visit to the US last year, we have managed to break ground for the exit home and purchase some of the materials. At the moment construction is ongoing. We are grateful for all who gave towards this noble course. Below are photos of the progress so far. Fig 1. Bricks (building stones) Fig 2. Other building materials Continue Reading
Kirubia and Tharaka Connection days (2/27/2016) - We thank God so much for he has enabling us carry out our first connection day last Saturday. It was very good to meet our kids this year. All the kids we meet were looking very happy and they seemed to face this New Year with a high gear. We also had an opportunity to meet with the new kids in the program and also introduce them to the rest of the group. We thank God for his great deed so far. This is a Continue Reading
Our Garden (2/5/2016) - Last season we had planted maize (corn) in or garden where the technical school is. Auntie Pauline organized and planted the crops for us. Right now the maize (corn) is ready for harvest and she will be harvesting it next week. We can’t wait to take that maize from our land. This is how well the maize (corn) plantation has grown and now it ready for harvest.
Making of a puzzle (2/5/2016) - The kids at the home that is Jackline, Alex, Timothy, Godfrey and Ann they spend their days at the home trying to make up a puzzle that was very difficult for them. They struggled for a number of days but finally they managed to finish two puzzles. They did two puzzles each of them had got 500 pieces. It was fun looking the kids figuring out as they kept their minds busy at work. Here the kids are trying to make the first steps of Continue Reading
KIDS JOINING HIGH SCHOOL (2/5/2016) - We are writing to share with you the joy of cerebrating 23 of our kids who have successfully completed middle school (Primary School). We are so proud of them these children sat for their grade 8 (class 8) examinations in November last year (2015) and have emerged victorious. Eighteen (18) of the children got the entrance mark for joining high school (secondary school) and the rest 5 (five ) decided to join trade school (Polytechnic) since they are talented in skills. This letter is to Continue Reading
School visits (1/29/2016) - The social worker had an opportunity to go around the school paying school levies for our kids. In all the schools that he visited he was very much impressed by the way our kids were outstanding with very nice clothes courtesy of our partners in this ministry. The kids are also working hard so as to see that they achieve their life dreams. This is Didi Mungai from Kirubia trying to communicate to the sponsor through a letter This is John Mwendwa and Maureen Kawira Continue Reading
Meeting with class eight leavers (1/29/2016) - We had an opportunity to meet with our class eight pupils who had cleared their primary school level and are waiting to join to join high school next month. We thank God so much because we had a total of 24 pupils and they all made us proud. We had time to congratulate them and also encourage them that even if they join high school it is possible for them to keep on even doing better. The director also assured them that the organization will Continue Reading
DIRECTOR MEETING WITH THE NEW KIDS AND THEIR GUARDIANS (1/22/2016) - We thank God so much because after our Director went to US for his trip he was able to come back with a list of about 16 new kids that joined the KCK in 2016. We thank God so much for his doings. We can only pray that God can expand our boundaries so that we can be able to reach more children as we are ordered by the word of God. Here the Director is getting to know the new kids and their guardians Continue Reading
KIDS GIVING A HARD AT HOME (1/22/2016) - We have 5 kids who are at home for have cleared with their primary school level education so they are now a waiting to join high school sometimes next month. So the kids have been very instrumental to the institution and also to the community around us. This is how the kids flower beds were looking after being worked on This is Timothy decorating the flower beds next to the KCK office
ALEX AND TIMOTHY GETTING BOXES (1/22/2016) - Two of our Kids namely Alex Koome and Timothy Ngugi got the privilege of getting a new box each for having attained the 300 marks pass mark out of the possible 500 marks. The target was set by the constituency Member of Parliament (MP) who said that he will buy a new box for every child who got the pass marks. This Timothy Ngugi and Alex Koome with their gift from the Member of Parliament Hon. Muthomi Njuki Here is Timothy and Alex together with Continue Reading
CONNECTION DAYS (1/15/2016) - In December, we also gave some Christmas food to our kids who are in Tharaka, Nairobi, Cheera, Ikuu, Igoji and Kirubia. Each child was given a bag of food which they were to share with their families. The kids were really happy receiving their share of food and smiles were painted all over their faces. This is a group picture of our kids at Kirubia Connection day in December This is a group picture of our kids at Tharaka Connection day in December
DIGNITARIES VISITORS (1/15/2016) - During the festive season we had some VIP guest who visited our home and they brought their donation to the kids. The kids were so happy to interact with them. Hon John Mbabu Speaker Tharaka Nithi County Assembly addressing our kids This is the group pictures of the Speaker together with his team and plus our kids This is the Family Bank Chuka Branch staff playing with our kids This is a group picture of the Family Bank Chuka Branch taking a group picture with Continue Reading
Christmas Party at Julius’s Home (12/23/2015) - On 23rd December 2015 we held our usual Christmas party as it is our tradition to be hosted by one of our board members and this time round Julius & Freshia had the opportunity of hosting the KCK family. The party started at around 1:00 pm and it went until 7:00pm in the evening. The kids had time to eat and also time to enjoy them self with some games. The board member also had time to interact and also took parts in games together Continue Reading
December Camp (12/3/2015) - Tuesday 1st Dec-2015. The day’s arrangements started early morning at the children’s home. The staff held a meeting that ended at around 11:00 a.m. to deliberate on the final plans for the camp. Meanwhile, the kids at the children’s home were busy packing the items they were required to report with at the camp. They were assisted by their mothers. The mothers of the two houses were also not left behind as they were also up and about packing their clothes and other essentials in Continue Reading
Kids day out with Board & Staff (10/23/2015) - Tuesday this week was Kenyans Mashujaa (Heroes) Day. Kenya board had organized to take the kids out for a retreat. This was meant to be a surprise for the kids. As usual during public holidays, like heroes day, kids don't go to school. This was not an exception, the kids knew nothing until they saw the board members drive to the home at 9.00 in the morning to pick them up for the day. There was a lot of excitement and anxiety at the same Continue Reading
HS/Univ Testing (10/23/2015) - Hello friends! The following kids are sitting for their finals in primary school and high school. These are crucial exams since they determine if one will join high school and the university respectively. They really need you to remember them in your prayers. Thank you as you do this!... 2015-10-23 HS/Univ Testing PRAYERS NEED! Hello friends! The following kids are sitting for their finals in primary school and high school. These are crucial exams since they determine if one will join high school and the Continue Reading
Academic Seminar (9/11/2015) - We are glad to report that we managed to have a successful seminar with 82 kids in the program ranging from class 4 to high school. The academic seminar was facilitated by Oasis Mega team; a team of 7 young people who share some things in common. They were from very poor backgrounds, they did excellent in their academics despite of the family challenges, some of them brought up by guardians who were not their real parents, managed to join the best university in Kenya Continue Reading
Holidays, Meetings, Games, and Studies (8/14/2015) - KIDS HOME FOR AUGUST HOLIDAY. Its school holiday here in Kenya. The kids are home for a 3 weeks break after which they will resume for their final school term in 2015. The kids look forward to the final term as it marks the end of their current class. During the holiday, we organize a number of activities for the kids most of them meant to relax their mind in preparation for a new school term. MEETING WITH HIGH SCHOOL KIDS. During every break we Continue Reading
Birthdays and Motorbikes (6/15/2015) - ALEX KOOME’S BIRTHDAY Yesterday, Alex Koome was celebrating his 13th Birthday. Alex is sponsored by Sue & Luther Hudson. Reba helped to buy items for Koome’s birthday and was great joy as the kids celebrated Koome’s 13th year. Mama Ellyjoy prepared a special meal after which they had the birthday cakes and other snacks. Koome is now in his last year in primary school. He aspires to be a ship captain. KCK MOTORBIKE In Memory of Dickson’s mother “Sunny Lester” Dickson had sent some money Continue Reading
Honor Role, School, Exams, and more visitors (5/15/2015) - DAD’S HONOR’S LIST Every school term, we do an analysis of how kids have been performing at school. After the analysis we award them that have shown some improvements. The kids who have gone above Dad’s set standard enter in what we call “Dad’s Honors’ List”. These are then given a special breakfast treatment. This acts as a motivation to other kids as every kid desires to be on the list. We are glad that since this started some kids have never missed Dad’s Honors’ Continue Reading
Flying Kites (4/6/2015) - On Wednesday evening 3 girls namely Sharron Mukami, Selvine Atumbuka and Michelle Waringa come back from school and they were just talking of how they had seen a kite when they were in the class reading with the teacher. After the talk they decided to make a kite and using the locally available materials they picked up an old page of the newspaper, 2 skinny sticks, a piece of string and glue. They picked up the old newspaper and placed the 2 skinny sticks on Continue Reading
Connections, Schools, Christmas in March, and more (3/20/2015) - CONNECTION DAY On 28th of February we had our connection day. We had a number of activities which included writing Easter cards to the sponsors. The kids also were given food; other kids who had gifts from their sponsors received them on that day. Below are photos of kids from different regions. TECHNICAL SCHOOL PROGRESS We are grateful for the help that we received from Dickson Lester for the construction of the technical school. With the $1000 he sent, we have managed to do the Continue Reading
Valentines (2/14/2015) - HELP CELEBRATE Valentine! Valentine Kagendo was received and welcomed at Kenya Connection Kids Children’s Home on 22nd Dec 2012 together with other 10 kids at the 2nd Home. At that time, Valentine weighed 14kgs and was 4 years 10 months 8 days old. Valentine lived with an Au nt who was then taking care of her, her sister and her sick mother. Valentine’s father had already passed on. The Aunt also had her own 3 children, was a peasant farmer at a village in the Continue Reading
High School bound and more Visitors (2/6/2015) - JOY & KELVIN HELPS AT THE HOME It has been almost 2 months since Kelvin, Joy and Maureen cleared primary school and have been waiting for placement in high school. During the time they have been home, the kids have been of great help to the home. They decided to volunteer, to give a gift to the home during their big break. The 1st photo below shows Joy help clean the small kids house ceiling, in the 2nd Kelvin is helping cut the fence. In Continue Reading
Praise, Painting, Remodels, and Vistors (1/31/2015) - LATEST UPDATE ON PRAISE Praise was taken a CT scan on his head. It was realized that there is a growth from the nose that is pushing the eye outwards. He was taken to ENT doctor who confirmed that the problem was nasal (from the nose). The problem is called SINO-NASAL FIBRO-OSSEOUS LESION. The boy was referred to Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi. On Monday morning, we will be taking him to see the surgeon in Nairobi. Thank you all for your continued prayers for Continue Reading
Ken Kariuki (1/23/2015) - As the year goes on, kids receive gifts from their sponsors. Below is Ken Kariuki from the home, sponsored by Pam & Earl Scholtens, happy as he finally receives his gift.
Moses, Praise & Nessy join primary school (1/23/2015) - Moses, Praise & Nessy sponsored by Dickson, Emily Gilbert and Qui, Yubo respectively have now graduated to class one. The kids are happy to have joined DEB primary school like the other kids at the home. They have so many stories to tell about their new school, new teachers and new friends. Below are photos showing their first day to school as the mothers escort them to school. We are wishing them a great time in their first year of school.
PRIMARY SCHOOL GRADUANTS MEETING (1/16/2015) - We are happy to let you know that this year we have had 24 of our kids clear with primary school and are waiting to join high school in the next month. At the home we had three kids and 21 kids in our outreach program (sponsored kids). In preparation to this, we had a meeting at the home to congratulate them for the achievement having successfully gone through a 8- year course amidst all the challenges and came out strong and victorious. We had Continue Reading
WAMBUA VISIT’S THE KIDS (1/16/2015) - During the week, we had a former Chuka university student visit the home. He brought with him food for the kids. Below are some shots.
KIDS CONDUCT STUDIES AT THE HOME (1/16/2015) - Early in the year when the kids were expected to go back to school the teachers went on a strike demanding a pay increase from the government. This affected the kids now that they couldn’t report to school as expected. At the home we busied the kids with the studies following the normal school program. We hoped by doing so our kids would not lose out on the same. However, we have good news… the teachers strike has been called off and our kids will Continue Reading
December Camp Day 3 (12/3/2014) - On our 3rd day of our camp, the kids woke up early, did their personal cleaning and assembled for the breakfast after which they left for the classes. During class time the kids had both topics and lessons from the bible. The bible lessons included a bible story, memory verse and a quiz. The kids really love it when they do the bible stories as they also get to share their own stories. Among the topics taught today included : Physical growth vs biblical manhood Continue Reading
December Camp Day 2 (12/2/2014) - Welcome to the 2nd day of our camp. The kids woke up early, had their breakfast and started off for the classes. The entire day had 5 sessions of teaching after which we had games which included soccer, volleyball, badminton, ring toss, rope skipping and chase. Later in the night the kids had dinner, watched a film and left for the night. What a great day it was!
December Camp Day 1- Reporting day (12/1/2014) - At Kenya Connection Kids we normally hold a 5-day camp for all our kids both from the children home and the sponsored kids. Our aim has been to empower them spiritually, intellectually and socially so that they will come to know Jesus as their lord and Savior and in their lives to be useful members of the society. This year the kids reported yesterday evening at Kiereni High School, we had supper and then settled for the night awaiting the following day. Below are some Continue Reading
DISTRIBUTION (11/14/2014) - On Saturday we had our usual distribution in our respective areas that is Nairobi, Tharaka, Kirubia and Cheera centers. The kids looked very happy and we really bless God for the gift of this kids he has given to us to take care for them. This is a group picture of the distribution day in Cheera This is Mrs. Mugambi one of our board members issuing food to a kid
NURSERY KIDS CLOSING THE SCHOOL (11/14/2014) - We had fun with our young kids in the nursery school having come to an end of the third term whereby they had to close the school so that in next year they would be promoted to the next class that is in standard one. The kids were very happy and they sung a lot of songs as a sign of celebration. These are our youngest kids presenting a song during the closing day This is a group pictures of the young kids with the Continue Reading
TEACHER JANE PROJECT WITH THE KIDS (11/14/2014) - This is teacher with the kids from the home doing one of the projects which wereleft behind by Denise Benson during this year mission trip visit. Here are the pictures of the kid's busy working on the project and then giving a final bit fully done. This is a group picture of the home kids after doing a project with teacher Jane This is a picture of kids some of the busy trying to finish up the projects and others are done with the project
CHUKA UNIVERSITY PSYCHOLOGY CLUB VISIT (11/8/2014) - On Thursday this week we had students from Chuka University taking a degree in psychology visit the kids. It was an eventful day and the kids loved every bit about it. The students had enough time to socialize with the kids and played a variety of games which included volleyball, soccer, badminton, golf, ring toss, rope skipping…… among others. Evening came and no one wanted to leave. The kids had an opportunity to make new friends too. Below are some of the pics. More will Continue Reading
KIDS BICYCLE RIDING (11/8/2014) - During the week the younger kids had lessons on bicycle riding with Naaman & Alex. The lessons are so enjoyable and the kids always look forward to the next lesson. Below find some of the shots.  
ALEX ON WOOD WORK (11/8/2014) - Early this year, Steve Hamilton and Dickson Lester visited and had classes on Basic skills in Carpentry & wood work where they trained some of our KCK kids and Trainers of Trainers (T.O.T)on how to operate different wood work machines. At the end of the lesson they managed to come up with a book shelf which is so useful in the office. Alex (Humphrey's Son) was among those trained. After they left, Alex has been so helpful to the homes doing simple woodwork stuff and Continue Reading
CAMP PLANNING MEETING (10/31/2014) - Every year we meet all our kids both at the home & sponsored kids at a 5-day camp with an aim to empower them spiritually, intellectually and socially so that they will come to know Jesus as their lord and Savior and in their lives to be useful members of the society. This year we will have our camp from 1st to 5th December, 2014. We kindly request your prayers. Below are photos of our well able Sunday teachers planning on what to teach the Continue Reading
ABIGAIL BACK TO SCHOOL (10/31/2014) - We are glad as we appreciate all the support Abigail (Humphrey's daughter) has given to the kids and the home in general as she volunteered for 7 months between March and September 2014 as she awaited an opportunity to join the University. We congratulate her on her joining Kenyatta University to pursue a degree in Medicine (Pharmacy). We are wishing her the very best in all her endeavors. Below are photos of her at her university. The first one outside her Library and the 2nd Continue Reading
KIDS PRAYERS DAY (10/31/2014) - Finally Maureen, Joy & Kelvin are about to sit for their final primary level exams. These exams shall determine their joining high school. Below is Mama Ellyjoy with the 3 kids during a prayer meeting conducted at the school to pray for the candidates. The 2nd is a general photo of the kids & their parents. Please pray for these dear ones. We wish them success in their exams.
CHILDREN'S PROJECT (10/24/2014) - In Kenya we had a National holiday on Monday and so we were celebrating the heroes and heroines in our country and so we were not left behind by this special day in our country so we celebrated that day in style as we did a small project with the home kids for the sponsors. This how the day was spent as the kids were writing the cards to their sponsors Here we have the big brothers and sisters giving a hand to their small Continue Reading
GRADUATION OF OUR SUNDAY SCHOOL & MENTORSHIP TEACHERS (10/24/2014) - We had some of the KCK Sunday School teachers & mentors graduating from the Chuka University. This people are very important to KCK as they have been helping us during the camp days and they have been doing this voluntarily and that is why we had to celebrate that special day with them because they are part of us. Rosaline has been a very key person in the mentorship group that come every weekend to mentor the kids Fortune was a volunteer with us and Continue Reading
FAMILY DAY (10/24/2014) - Last Sunday we had our family day with all the staff members plus all the kids it was really amazing to have the kids being together as one family. The kids also had time to set principles and guidelines that would guide them while they are staying as one family. There were gift given to the kids who had added 40 marks and above in their previous exam The kids having a bottle of soda while they celebrated the family day together
KIDS RECEIVE NEW SCHOOL UNIFORM (10/17/2014) - It was a great time as we distributed new school uniforms to kids at Tharaka this week. The kids were so happy to have a new set of uniforms. We really appreciate all our sponsors for your continued support towards the kids' education, which includes school levies, supplies & uniform, food & Medical. A group photo as the kids hold their new pair of uniforms together with their dedicated co-coordinators. The girls with their new dresses
LETTER & CHRISTMAS CARD WRITING TO SPONSORS (10/17/2014) - The festive season is near. The kids are happy once again to wish their sponsors nice holidays. Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year. At this time the kids are writing letters & Christmas card to their families in the states. We are hoping to send them soon to avoid a last minute rush considering the 10000 miles distance. Let's share love one to another as we celebrate Jesus. Below are photos as kids from Tharaka write to their sponsors.
KIDS TAKE A NAP (10/17/2014) - Every day after lunch the small kids takes a nap and wakes up at 4.30 where they are served with a drink or a fruit. Photo 1,2,3,4 below shows Nessy, Praise, Moses & Mark respectivery take a nap. Nessy Praise Moses Mark
KIDS ABOUT TO DO THEIR FINAL EXAMS IN BOTH PRIMARY & HIGH SCHOOL (10/10/2014) - Here in Kenya, we are in a season when kids sit for very crucial exams in their life time. For the kids in primary school, this exam determines their going to high school & also the kind of school (boarding or day school) the kid might be admitted in. for the kids in high school, it determines whether they will be joining the university. At KCK, we have a total of 24 kids in primary & 3 kids in high school. This week we have Continue Reading
KIDS LETTERS FROM DENISE & MAGGIE (10/10/2014) - During this year's mission trip, we managed to meet Denise Benson with her daughters Maggie Benson & Kristen Darby. This family was a real blessing to the kids during the mission. Denise is a very organized lady and she loves to do projects with the kids, always happy & focused to achieve her goals. It is barely 2 months since the team left Kenya & Denise has managed to write to all the home kids & staff great letters and a couple of pictures she Continue Reading
ANTI-FGM TRAININGS IN THARAKA (10/3/2014) - Female genital mutilation (FGM), is a ritual typically carried out by a traditional circumciser with a blade or razor, with or without an aesthesia. FGM is practiced by ethnic groups in communities. The age at which it is conducted varies from days after birth to puberty; In Kenya, there has been a lot of Anti FGM campaigns even by the government and is a wrong punishable by law. This year when Cindy Turner and the Mars Hill 2014 Mission team visited Kenya, they left some Continue Reading
KIDS AT THE HOME (10/3/2014) - It's a busy season as the kids go through their first quarter of the last term of the year. The kids also have been busy writing letters to their sponsors. We hope to be sending these letters soon before Christmas. Please find some photos as the kids do the projects. Mark & Moses write a letter to their sponsors
LOVE TO TUMAINI CHILDREN’S HOME (9/25/2014) - Tumaini children home is located in the same sub-county as KCK. The children home is a home to 30 kids 5 of whom are in High school. The rest of the kids range between kindergarten and class/grade 8. When Cindy & the MarsHill 2014 Mission team visited mid this year, they had a chance to visit the kids at Tumaini Children's Home. The team left behind some money that was meant to buy food for the kids. Early this week Humphrey, board members & the Continue Reading
A SURPRISE WITH QUAILS FOR THE KIDS (9/25/2014) - A quail is a ground bird that seldom flies. It prefers to run in ground cover and nests in that same ground cover. It is a smallish bird, generally weighing less than two pounds. Early this year they were campaigns on the nutritional value of the quails and they were really embraced. Today, it was a surprise when a friend of the home visited with 4 crates of quails for the kids. They were all a total of 200 quails. I am sure the kids Continue Reading
KIDS DINNER (9/19/2014) - What a great time it was as the kids enjoyed what they called "Joy's Dinner". When Reba & the team visited this year, Reba left some money from Jimmy to organize the spaghetti dinner. Mama Ellyjoy did well with the dinner. How delicious it was!
NAAMAN VISITS KIDS IN SCHOOLS TO TAKE LEVIES (9/19/2014) - It now the third week since school opened. Last week and the better part of this week Naaman and the co-coordinators took kids levies to their specific school. They managed to visit a total of 11 schools and had a time with the teachers and the kids focusing on the kids' academic progress. I am glad to report that our kids have started the term on a very high note. Please remember to pray for the kids as they go through the final term this Continue Reading
VALENTINE RECEIVES A GIFT FROM MIMI (9/19/2014) - Valentine was glad to receive a card from her momma Mimi and some shots. She was so glad to get the latest shots from her American family. God bless you all for thinking about these dear kids.  
EAST MINSTER PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (9/12/2014) - This week we give special attention as we celebrate the input of EAST MINISTER PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH to Kenya Connection Kids. East Minister Presbyterian Church has really done a lot to KCK having provided sponsorship to 32 kids in our program. We are really touched by your kind contribution, love and being partners to this noble course. You are so dear to us and we treasure you a lot. Last year a big team came from East Minister and brought a lot of stuff for our Continue Reading
NEW KIDS SPONSORED IN THE LAST WEEK (9/12/2014) - What a great weak it has been!!! Email after email on new kids that have gotten sponsors. We as the Kenyan team are so glad and words cannot be enough to express our gratitude and sincere thanks to all our new partners for choosing to deny yourselves part of what God has blessed you with to put a smile and change the course of life of a needy kid in Kenya, Africa. Our team from the States, we are touched by your sacrifice and hard Continue Reading
EBOLA OUTBREAK THREAT (9/9/2014) - For the last one month, Africa has been under a serious threat and scare of Ebola disease. Ebola is a virus that attacks a Person's blood system .The disease makes a person bleed from almost anywhere on their body. The victim bleeds to death. The disease is highly contagious and is transmitted through contact with body fluids such as sweat, saliva, semen and other body discharges. It is said that about 90% of the people that catch Ebola will die from it. It is classified Continue Reading
PHOTOGRAPHY, MUSIC & DANCING (9/5/2014) - During the last April holiday we started the photography/music & dancing clubs. During this August holiday the members of these clubs met and together they had a lot of fun. We agreed that the members will be meeting every holiday when they are on school break. Here are the photos of the activities that took place and the kids can't wait for the December holiday. This is Rev. Humphreys addressing the members of the photography/music & dancing club people after attending their individual clubs. This Continue Reading
NAAMAN'S VISIT TO IKUU (9/5/2014) - Naaman went visiting the kids in Ikuu region and he came back with a positive report that the kids are doing fine and they are taking good care of their projects. This is James Muthukumi during the visit. This is Naomi Kathure smiling after receiving a photo album from her sponsor.
METHODIST CHURCH VISIT (9/5/2014) - We had visitors from Methodist church of Kenya in Chuka. Youth members from this church visited us and spent the whole day with the kids. They helped in cleaning the compound, prepared lunch for the kids and also had fun moments playing with the kids at the church compound. The youths helping clean the windows. Auntie Pauline is assisting the members of Methodist Church with the serving of food to the kids. The Methodist church youths having fun with the kids. Everybody gets in the Continue Reading
1ST HOME KIDS TAKE A WALK TO THE WATERFALL (8/22/2014) - It was great fun as the 1st home kids went to hike at the waterfall. They had a long walk but enjoyed every bit about it. They had time to dance, chat and sing together. Basking in the sun was fun too. Find some shots.
KIDS SCHOOL UNIFORMS (8/22/2014) - SEPTEMBER is the month when we buy new school uniforms for all the kids in the sponsored program. In preparation for that, we have been spending the better part of this month getting the latest sizes for the kids. GUESS WHAT! Our kids have really grown comparing the last time we took their measurements. That’s a progress though and we are proud of them. Here are some shots of the meetings we had with the kids as we took measurements.
ACADEMIC SEMINAR (8/22/2014) - Every holiday we organize academic seminars for the kids. The academic seminars are meant to help the kids in different areas of the academia. This time round we had gathered class 8 &b form four kids. These are kids who are sitting for their final exams in their respective classes in the next 2 months or so. The kids were taught on how best to revise in the last section and how to approach and answer questions. We believe this knowledge will help them to Continue Reading
PATRICK’S GIFT & PRAISE’S GIFT (8/22/2014) - Patrick Muriuki sponsored by Martha Powers and Praise sponsored by Gilbert, Robert & Emily received their gifts from their sponsors. They were so glad and we really appreciate all you do to put a smile in the faces of these kids and give a different and brighter future to them.
KIDS HOME FOR THE AUGUST HOLIDAYS (8/15/2014) - Once again our kids are home for the August holidays after being in school for 3 months. The kids will be home till 1st September when they will be reporting back to school for the last quarter of the year. The last quarter is quite a busy term when we do exams for Class 8 and form 4’s which will determine their joining high school and University respectively. During this break, as is our tradition we have quite some activities with the kids and we Continue Reading
KIDS COME HOME WITH GIFTS DUE TO GREAT PERFORMANCE (8/15/2014) - 6 of our kids came home this holiday with gifts due to their great performance at school. They could not hide their joy. Humphrey and the team were so happy. The kids were Sharon sponsored by Steve &Beth Hartt, Selvine sponsored by Eric & Julie John; Peter sponsored by Ralph & Annice Yeary; Newton sponsored by Sandy Spence & family; Abraham sponsored by Valerie Mote, and Valentine sponsored by Steve & Mimi Hamilton.
KIDS PROJECTS (8/15/2014) - The kids had a variety of projects to do that were left behind by Mars Hill 2014 mission team. They really enjoyed every bit about it.
BIBLE CLASS LESSON (8/15/2014) - Both the older and younger kids spent quality time reading the bible and doing memory verse’s from the bible with Linet, Naaman, Abigail & Enoch. It was great!
CLUBS (8/15/2014) - KCK MUSIC & DANCE and PHOTOGRAPHY clubs were not left out. They had a great time too. The 1st photo shows Music class in session and the 2nd photo Humphrey speaking to both clubs” members.
THANK YOU MARS HILL!!! (8/1/2014) - It’s with gratitude that we send our love to Mars Hill mission team 2014. We appreciate for the great time we had together and all the service you gave to the kids and that you are back home safe. The kids and everyone here in Kenya miss you already. You will always be in our hearts and prayers and May the Lord bless you.
THANK YOU MICHELLE MARSHALL (8/1/2014) - The Kenya Connection Kids Kenyan Staff expresses their special gratitude to Michelle for the good work she did beautifying the entire staff. We now have a great identity. Thank you! Michelle.
ANNETTE HARLOW’S DAUGHTER VISIT (8/1/2014) - Doreen Nkatha who is in high school and did not manage to meet with the mission team came picking her photo album after they went for a short break. She really enjoyed the photos and was glad to write a letter to her American Dad and Mom. Humphrey had a time with her discussing academic issues and was glad she is doing pretty well.
ABIGAIL & ENOCH CLEAN UP (8/1/2014) - Abigail (Humphrey’s daughter) and Enoch have been volunteering for 5months and 1 month respectively have spent the day organizing our resource centre. Now the resource centre is beautifully arranged and one is able to retrieve the kids’ stuff with ease.
Mars Hill Here they come! Shunem (7/23/2014) - A field trip with the small kids at Shunem. Had games with kids football, jump rope, badminton, chase and other games. Had snacks with the kids. In the evening they organized the room putting in the new mattresses and gave the kids new clothes,. Also fitted some shelves for the 2nd home.
Mars Hill Here they come! Kathutwa (7/22/2014) - The team visited Kathutwa primary school where Brian school and later Tumaini children’s home. They say that the condition at the other children home was not so appealing. The kids there had no mattresses. The only had blankets on some wood they slept on. Later in the evening the team had projects with the k
Mars Hill Here they come! Peace Group Meeting (7/21/2014) - Had an eventful Monday! Started out with the Peace Group Meeting with our board members while Andy, Onesmus and Tony did some projects around the home. We even had time to go and see Humphrey's mom and have coffee with her!
Mars Hill Here they come! Church (7/20/2014) - Church this morning with Humphrey Kanga, after teaching Sunday school with Michelle Marino Marshall, Kristen Darby, Reba Ann Harrison, Cindy Turner, Andy Thurmond, Alex Marshall and Maggie Benson.
Mars Hill Here they come! Kirubia (7/19/2014) - Had a field trip at kirubia where they met over 60 kids. They kids did poems, speeches and songs for the visitors. They filled in forms for the kids, Gave kids their gifts. The kids in turn gave them gifts to take to their sponsors. The kids also had lots of games to do and were given their food. Had a snack for lunch at Humphrey’s. It was really an eventful day.
Mars Hill Here they come! Day 6 (7/18/2014) - Day 6 of Kenya! We took the older kids to Shunem for a field trip to play games all day. Gave the kids their new Kenya Connection Kids Children's Home T-Shirts this day as well. We played ring toss, jump rope, blew bubbles, football and volley ball. Momma EllyJoy came with us as well and had a blast! We ended the night with crafts with the bigger kids, done by Denise and Michelle, while Reba and Andy watched a movie with the little ones. Baby Continue Reading
Mars Hill Here they come! Day 5 (7/17/2014) - Day 5 in Kenya! The team took some of their kids to Meru to go to the museum and to go shopping for the home! At the museum they got to see the Black Mamba snake and different reptiles. Everyone had a great time and of course the kids love shopping and eating out at a restaurant unfortunately, we need to work on the transportation, because the kids don't know how to handle car sickness! It's a working progress but the Kenya Connection Kids Children's Continue Reading
Mars Hill Here they come! Tharaka Connection Day (7/16/2014) - Another great day. The team went for connection day at Tharaka. This is the day we meet with the kids and get to have some quality time with them. This time the children were so excited to meet the visitors from the states. They had brought gifts to kids & photo albums sent by the sponsors. They also did volleyball, ring toss; bubbles Simon says with Kristen, Bad Minton, hide& seek, chase. The kids also received lots of food stuff. Later in the afternoon, they Continue Reading
Mars Hill Here they come! Hospital Ministry (7/15/2014) - Another special day, “Community Outreach”- the team visited Chuka Hospital and later in the afternoon Chogoria Hospital where they gave some supplies. They also had a great time with the kids in Both Hospitals and gave out some beanie babies. Later in the evening the team had some projects with the kids where they made name tags for all the kids.
Mars Hill Here they come! At the Home (7/14/2014) - The team travelled from Nairobi and arrived at the children’s home late afternoon. What a great re union that was! They spent some time with the kids and had a lengthy meeting with the kenyan Board of Directors. At around 7.30 the team left for the night. Enjoy some shots.
Mars Hill Here they come! Safari! (7/13/2014) - We are glad that the Mars Hill 2014 Mission team finally arrived. On Sunday 13th the team had a great SAFARI in Nairobi where they were able to see a number of animals. Talking to Alex Marshall he was so happy for the first time he could see all those animals not as he is used on the tely or the computer. Here are some of the photos.
Ark Home & Mace call visit (7/11/2014) - We were privileged to have Ark Home and Mace Call team meet with our home kids, Cheera, Ikuu and Kirubia kids. The team had an evangelical session with everyone in attendance where they taught on the love of Jesus and 20 souls came to Christ. The team also gave all our kids ‘Samaritan gift boxes’ which had a lots of kids stuff. The kids could not control their joy. What a great day it was. Below please find some of the photos for the day.
Connection day (7/11/2014) - On 5th July, we had a connection day at our usual areas. It was great once again to spend some time with the kids. Some of the kids also gave gifts to be sent to the sponsors. One common factor is the prayer the guardians and kids make for the sponsors for God to bless them. You are always in our heart and minds.
Visit by nursing students (7/11/2014) - This week we were glad to host students from a Nursing school in our neighbor county. As part of their course work the students were expected to learn on the operations of charitable organizations. We were glad that they chose Kenya Connection Kids. To their surprise the kids were taken very good care of and confessed that they have not found a place like KCK and promised to be back to spend more time. We have you all.
Alex’s Birthday (6/20/2014) - Alex Koome sponsored by Luther and Sue Hudson had a great time as he celebrated his birthday with the rest of the team. Alex has been doing great even in His academics. He is now in class 7 and doing great.
Valentine’s gift & Sharon’s gift (6/20/2014) - Valentine sponsored by Mimi & Steve Hamilton received a box full of presents from her American family. She could not be able to hide the joy. Sharon sponsored by Hartt, Beth & Steve also received her Package. Thank you for going an extra mile and being so generous to these dear ones.
Inspection at the home (6/20/2014) - In Kenya every year, an inspection is made by the government to the Charitable Children Institution’s (CCI) as a way of accessing if the children are taken care of as required. The inspectors visited the home this week and were impressed by what we are doing. They were moved by what we do to an extent of promising to also give a hand in whichever way they can. One officer promised that in case of an emergency his department will be available to help. Another Continue Reading
Kids show their dad school work (6/20/2014) - It’s now evening after school and the kids are having a great time with Dad Humphrey as they show him their school work. We are so happy for the kids. They are doing great and we have such high hopes in them.
Meeting with high school kids (6/20/2014) - We were privileged to have a successful meeting with some of our high school kids who have come home for the mid- terms. The school term takes 3 months and between this section kids are allowed a time to re-unite with their parents. We took this opportunity to check how our kids are doing at school and to get some data. We wish them a nice stay in these few holiday days.
Connection Days (6/6/2014) - Last weekend we were out for our monthly distribution exercise. It was great meeting our kids from Kirubia, Cheera, Ikuu, Tharaka, and Nairobi. We spent quality time with all the kids. We also gave food stuffs to each child which included: Cooking oil, corn flour, soap, tea leaves, rice, sugar, and green grams. The kids and guardians were so grateful. Their prayer is May the Lord bless all that are so committed to making their life better. Dennis receives from Julius one of the Board Continue Reading
Kids at the home (6/6/2014) - Kids at the home had dance time during the week’s outdoor activity. It was more of a talent show. The kids truly have great talents. On 2nd photo, Fortune the volunteer is helping fix and clean the chairs.
On a sad note (5/30/2014) - On a sad note It’s with deep sorrow that we report that Mr. Francis Mbandi, Humphrey’s Father in Law (Hellen’s Mother) passed on late last week. We appreciate all for your prayers and condolences. He is being laid to rest today at their home a few kilometers from Humphrey’s home. The Late had earlier donated timber to be used in building at the home. In the 1st photo the Late Francis with Hellen, in the second with Dickson, Layla, Jake, Daniel & alex during 2008 Continue Reading
On volunteers list (5/30/2014) - We are happy to inform that we have had volunteers come to the home to assist in the office and also with the kids. This time round we have Abigail (Humphrey’s daughter) and Fortune (a close friend to the home). Abigail has volunteered for the last three months and is doing a great job in the office and with the kids. Fortune has cleared his university degree and is waiting for the graduation ceremony. He has been of great help with psycho-social activities with the Continue Reading
Committal (5/30/2014) - It is a government regulation to commit all the children at the CCI’s through the court. 2nd Home Kids had not gone through the process. It was a double blessing when we had the court at the home to commit the kids on the same day we had the inspection. Now our kids are legally recognized by the laws of Kenya. Photo 1 & 2 the Judge commits Praise & Michelle respectively. All the other kids went through the process. In 3rd photo the Judge, Continue Reading
Kids on an outdoor activity (5/30/2014) - It was a great time when our kids went visiting our KCK farm. They had a lot of fun. The farm has beans and potato plantation. This will help subsidize food at the home.
KIDS GO BACK TO SCHOOL (5/15/2014) - We are happy that our kids are now back to school for 2nd term. All our sponsored and home kids have gone back to school. Thank you everyone for the support with their levies & school supplies. We wish them a blessed term.
POLLY MWENDE & CAROLINE TEMPORARY SHELTER (5/15/2014) - At KCK we have been offering temporary shelter to some kids who have been abandoned or are to have a session to testify at Chuka Court for earlier abuse they had gone through. Once more we have managed to shelter 2 girls. During the shelter period we provide for their needs and help where we can, share our love with them. When Reba & the team were here last summer they had an experience with such cases. We thank God for the opportunity to help. Continue Reading
BREAKFAST (5/15/2014) - Some of the kids who were on ‘Daddy’s honors list’ as a result of good performance went for breakfast in Town in the company of Humphrey, Naaman, Linet, and Abigail courtesy of Dad Humphrey. The kids enjoyed the full breakfast which was too much for some of the young kids. They also had a chance to visit a few places in Town including the shopping mall and bakery. The breakfast acted as a motivation for the kids and a challenge for the least to work Continue Reading
ORPHANS DAY (5/15/2014) - Mid last week we had a ‘World Orphans Day’. In Kenya it was celebrated at Marimanti which is in Tharaka. Humphrey was officially invited to attend the colorful occasion as a way of appreciating what we do. One of our kids Alex Koome was also invited.    
VISITORS (5/15/2014) - Esteemed Eagles, a youth group visited the home and gave food stuffs and snacks to the kids. They also had a moment to socialize with the kids and to share with them. Below are some shots.    
KIDS TRAINING (5/9/2014) - For the last 2 weeks, there has been a series of meetings with both the orphanage and sponsored kids. The trainings were geared towards counseling kids on life skills and education matters. We have had counselors talk to kids on how to succeed in life “Attitude for Success”, “How to succeed In Academics”,. This has also allowed a great time for the social worker and the office to interact with the kids and instill some values into them. The kids have really enjoyed this moment Continue Reading
CLUBS (5/9/2014) - Having realized the great potential in our kids, we have come up with clubs to help grow these talents. Currently, we have “Music & Dance Club” “Photography Club” “Poetry & Drama Club”. The kids in these clubs are really enjoying these clubs. Naaman the social worker is handling Photography club. Linet the Music & Dance Club and Abigail is helping with Poetry & Drama club. Below are some of the photos of the club meeting:
SEVERAL ACTIVITIES HAPPEN AT THE HOME (5/9/2014) - Kids helped clean the picnic tables, Abigail helps feed Baby Myra, Kids play, Leonard with a moment with the kids, Baby Mark makes his bed. Mark enjoy Avocadoes donated to the home by Ben, the guard Kids having a great time of play together.
VISITORS AT THE HOME (5/2/2014) - We were honored to have a couple of visitors at the home for the last few days. Below are some of the shots. Humphrey’s relatives visit the kids East African Pentecostal Church Sunday School Class visits the Kids.
CAPACITY BUILDING SEMINAR (5/2/2014) - The Kenyan Board had organized Capacity Building Seminar for the Staff. Below are photos of the staff, Kids, & facilitators after training staff on Customer care & public relations.
CAMP TEACHERS MEETING (5/2/2014) - Teachers who help in our annual camp had a meeting to deliberate on the topics they are to train the kids on for the year. In the lengthy meeting they were able to plan on both the bible lessons and topics to study. Some of them are: YEAR 2014 LESSON TOPICS GROUP 1 Nursery to class 2 Saying no to doing wrong (holiday bible club) Trusting God (4-6 younger kids) Talking to God (4-6 younger kids) Respect Sharing & helping others cleanliness GROUP 2 Class Continue Reading
KIDS RECEIVE GIFTS (4/25/2014) - On the left is Praise Mutethia with the gifts from Gilbert, Robert, & Emily. On the right is Elizabeth Wanjiru with her beautiful gifts from Kathleen Keeler Kellyjoy makena on the left with her package from her sponsor Leslie Michael Ellyjoy Gakii with her school bag bought by her sponsor McPherson Richelle Here comes Valentine with her beautiful gifts and beautiful umbrella from her dear sponsor Myres Susan.
MEETING WITH KIDS FOR FOLLOW UP (4/25/2014) - Last week we had a great time with the sponsored kids as we made a follow up on their academics and social issues. The kids are doing great and are so focused. Always remember to pray for these dear ones. On the 1st photo below Humphrey addresses the kids on important life issues. On the 2nd & 3rd photo, the kids enjoy a snack together.
KCK CONNECTION DAY (3/21/2014) - Connection day is the day we go out to meet with the sponsored kids in the field; have time to socialize with them, get to discuss on academic issues, play with the kids, and give them food. On Saturday we were able to visit various places where our kids are which included Kirubia, Cheera, Tharaka and Nairobi. Food was distributed together with school levies. Stella who is pursuing civil engineering took time to share with her colleague kids on good study methods.
RAINY SEASON IS HERE AGAIN! (3/21/2014) - This being a rainy season, everybody has been so busy trying to ensure that everything is in order. Auntie Pauline and mama Ellyjoy were not left behind in trying to ensure that they have harvested maize for preparation for planting. On Wednesday they continued with planting where they planted beans and some potatoes. The task was not that easy and for that matter they continued for the second day.
TRAINING ON BICYCLE RIDING (3/21/2014) - Leonard also tried to ensure that kids in house 2 were well versed with bicycle riding. The kids seemed to be excited as they learnt a new skill. Some Of Other Activities That Took Place In The Home Include: Mama Rose as she serves lunch to her lovely kids. Dad takes some time to play table tennis with the kids Dad, Naaman and Leonard as they tried to analyze the report on peace and reconciliation.
CHUKA UNIVERSITY STUDENTS (3/14/2014) - On Sunday we had visitors from the Chuka University taking Agric/business. It was a group of about 20 people and they had come to spend time with our children. They kept our children very busy and they also took them for games just to have fun with them. The children were very excited with those visitors. The University students introducing themselves to the kids Teacher Jane receiving the gift donated by the Chuka University students Abigail with some of the students having fun in the Continue Reading
COURTESY CALL TO THARAKA (3/14/2014) - Rev Humphreys and Naaman made a courtesy call to one school in Tharaka know as Kirimankari where we had gone to meet with the new head teacher and the teaching staff and to check on the progress of 9 of our kids who school here. We also gave the teachers a small token just to motivate them because the school was one of the best in their area. Humphreys and Margret Kanake head teacher of Kirimankari primary school in her office. Humphrey’s donating same pens to Continue Reading
DADDY WITH THE KIDS (3/14/2014) - One of the roles of being a father in a home is to make sure that his children are attending school and that they are taking the teachers words seriously. This week daddy had an opportunity to look at the books of the kids to see what they have being doing in class. Daddy having a look at Martin’s book after school. Daddy having a look at Selvin’s book after school.
SERGEANT MARTHA GITAU (3/7/2014) - Madam Martha is one of the senior police officer in our country. She has an attachment with the kids in this home so she is a free count person here. She also brought a child by the name Joy who was latter taken to other children home in Nyeri. Sergeant Martha with Mr. Njagi together with the KCK family takes a group photo. Sergeant Martha sharing a joke with Rev. Humphrey.
FIELD VISIT BY NAAMAN AND LEONARD (3/7/2014) - Naaman and Leonard had an opportunity to visit 4 schools in Kirubia which is one of our centers. The purpose of the visit was to check the academic performance for the kids whom we support as the KCK family. Leonard and Bernard together with our kids as they were helping the kids in doing a letter to the sponsor. Bernard, deputy head teacher of Eric Munene poses for a photo after finishing a talk.
MEETING WITH HIGH SCHOOL KIDS (3/3/2014) - Some of our high school kids were home for their mid -term holidays so we called them so that we could be able to get to know how they are adopting to the new environment. The kids were very excited about being in high school. They have great dreams. They also had a chance to write letters to their sponsors. Humphrey, Leonard and Naaman took this opportunity to talk to the kids and mentor them on educational matters. Mentorship meeting with the kids Kids write Continue Reading
AT THE HOME (3/3/2014) - We are now in the Mango (Juicy fruit) season. The KCK kids were not left out they too went at the other farm were we have mango trees to enjoy themselves with a lot of fresh and juicy mangoes. Here are some of their best moments. VISIT BY ACCIK OFFICIALS. ACCIK is Association of Charitable Children Institutions of Kenya which gives advices and mentorship programmers on matter affecting children to the organization offering those services. We were honored to host Andrew and Alice who paid Continue Reading
Community Development Club From Chuka University (3/3/2014) - We were very much privileged by students of Chuka University who came to visit us on Saturday. They help us clean the compound, folding of children clothes, preparing food and they also took our kid for outdoor where the spent the better part of the day playing games with them. University students giving a hand in cleaning the compound. University students donating some food stuff to the Praise and Mark
Featuring Praise! (2/21/2014) - Praise joined the home in December 2012. He is now 5 years old and in nursery KCK class tutored by teacher Jane. Last summer when the East Minster had visited one of them, Emily spotted the jovial Praise. After they left the Country, we got a communication that the Gilberts, Robert,& Emily wanted to sponsor Praise. Please find some of the best moments of Praise at the orphanage.
Newton’s Gift from the Sponsor (2/21/2014) - This week Newton received his ‘American gifts’ from his sponsors Spence, Sandy & Family. They included teddy bears, car toys, ball, coloring books, pencils, stickers, and bubble gum pops. He was so happy as he shared the pops with other kids.
OASIS E.C.D GROUP VISIT (2/21/2014) - No sooner had the KCK family planned to start the birthday surprise for Valentine than the visitors from the Oasis E.C.D group came in. What a surprise it was for Valentine as the party was colorful than she expected. We all joined in as we celebrated the goodness of our Lord.
WHAT A SURPRISE!!!!!!! (2/21/2014) - February being the month of love, KCK family decided to extend its love to one of our own who is Valentine Kagendo sponsored by Hamilton, Steve and Mimi. The joy was felt from all corners of KCK ground as we sang birthday songs for Valentine. She seemed to be as joyous as this was a surprise birthday for her.
KIDS GOING TO HIGH SCHOOL (2/21/2014) - This being a new year we were expecting that the kids who had finished primary school level would join high school for their O level education. We are glad to inform you that we have been able to take 1 kid from the home and 11 sponsored kids. The kids were looking very excited as they eagerly waited for their 1st day in high school. They include: A. Alex Kimani sponsored by Mell, louise B. Caroline Makena sponsored by Toole, Theresa. C. Dennis Gitonga sponsored Continue Reading
WATER TANK PROJECT (2/14/2014) - We are gland to inform you that storage water tanks have finally been installed in place. Mama Rose has now pretty of water in her house. The kids are enjoying hot shower bath. We appreciate all who supported this project. The new tanks for Mama Rose Stands for the storage tanks Dennis & the plumber fix the pipes Finally- tanks are filled with water.
At The Home (2/14/2014) - Nessy Makena having a good time. Mama Rose takes time from her busy schedule to shave the boys hair in readiness for school.
Kids Receive Gifts (2/14/2014) - More kids receive gifts from their sponsors. We are so grateful to God and you allowing God to use you to bring joy and happiness to these kids. ‘’Whenever I present them with these gifts I see the deep smile that words cannot express in that moment before the kid opens the gift and upon opening they realize someone just thinks of them and loves them beyond measure. Someone they have never known or met and all the memory they have is of the photos Continue Reading
KCK Annual Party (12/22/2013) - KCK annual party was great! The kids had a great time. A lot of dining & wining. Playing together and Celebrated Christmas in our KCK style. Thanks for all that made the party a success. Below enjoy the pics.
KIDS OWN WORK (12/20/2013) - Timothy Ngugi, Mama Ellyjoy’s son sponsored by Starnes, Andy Mary Evelyn who wants to be a scientist, displays his creativity. He uses some old batteries and cables to make a spotlight (torch). Below shows a photo as he shows Humphrey his work.
CONNECTION DAY (12/20/2013) - Yesterday we had our connection day. Kids and their guardians were gathered and received their Christmas packages. They were so happy and expressed a lot of appreciation. Photo below shows Tharaka kids receive food and cash, Humphrey addresses the guardians, Kirubia kids with their food. At Kirubia, Hellen shared on the importance of Jesus being birth in our lives. We wish them all a merry Christmas and a happy new year.
UNDERSTANDING AND CELEBRATING CHRISTMAS (12/20/2013) - The 2nd home kids were not left out. Mama Rose and Linet took time to explain and let them understand what is Christmas and also had a good time of singing and celebrating. Christ is now born in the hearts of these dear ones. Kids answer questions of what they know about Christ Kids celebrate in song & dance
KIDS RECEIVE MORE CHRISTMAS GIFTS (12/20/2013) - It was a great and busy week as the kids, one after another received their packages from their sponsors. Other sponsored kids whose Christmas money was wired were bought their Christmas gifts. Each kid got what they really desired and longed for. Among them were James & Dennis sponsored by Alan& Jennifer, Nancy Mukami sponsored by Blocker,Anne, Lin Makena sponsored by Cahal, James & Marie, Morris Mwiathi sponsored by Cahal, James & Marie, Loryn sponsored by SS Class Linda Muthoni sponsored by SS Class, Kelvin Continue Reading
KIDS RECEIVE CHRISTMAS GIFTS FROM THEIR SPONSORS (12/13/2013) - Christmas is fast approaching but here at KCK the kids have already started celebrating their Christmas. Day in Day out there is packages at the post office for the kids, both the home kids and the sponsored kids. It touches our hearts especially when our sponsored kids receive their gifts in all smiles. We really appreciated our dear friends for remembering these dear kids in sharing part of what God has blessed you with as you put a smile on their faces in this season Continue Reading
CAMP FINAL ASSEMBLY (12/13/2013) - 2013 December camp was a great success and we thank God that He has seen us through the 3rd camp meeting. The kids are already missing the 4th Camp. So many stories to tell about the camp, the new friends they met and the fun they had. It was a first time experience for the 11 second home kids and the likes of Mark, 3 year old is asking a lot of the next camp when he will be 4 years and in Nursery school. Continue Reading
FOUR 2ND HOME GRADUATES TO CLASS ONE (12/13/2013) - Sharon Mukami (Sponsored by the Hartt, Steve & Beth and aspiring to be a doctor), Valentine Kagendo (sponsored by the Hamilton, Steve & Mimi and aspiring to be a Teacher), Newton Munene (Sponsored by Spence, Sandy & family and aspiring to be a President), Abraham Murithi (sponsored by Mote, Valerie and aspiring to be a police man) graduates from Nursery and are now set to join class one with the lest at DEB. These are really determined to do their best and become what they Continue Reading
The New Social Worker (12/12/2013) - Humphrey and team have selected a social worker who will start in January. Here are some comments from Humphrey about Nichola. This gentleman Nicholas is very qualified for he has worked with an organization that was sponsored by the United Nations and the organization was deal with children just as we do. He is a young man who can easily connect with kids. He really impressed us during the interview with his experience and the value he would bring to KCK for the benefits of Continue Reading
K.C.K 2013 DECEMBER CAMP UPATES (12/4/2013) - 3RD DAY OF THE CAMP (LAST DAY) Today marks the end of the 3 day camp at Kiereni high school. The kids are so eager to learn each and every day. They have been enjoying their classes since day one of the camp. The topics being taught today are those of responsibility and time management, setting goals, drugs and substance abuse, media (pornography and film), forgiveness/love and body anatomy. All these topics are taught in different classes according to their ages. The topics are also Continue Reading
K.C.K 2013 DECEMBER CAMP (12/1/2013) - DAY ONE The annual Kenya connection kids’ camp is finally here with us. All our children were reporting at Kiereni high school on 1st December 2013 ready for the camp the following day. All our teachers and speakers came on time. This time round we are very fortunate to have some volunteering students from Chuka University here with us. The team will be of great help in helping mentor our children. The lessons start at 8:00 am to 4:30 pm with breaks intervals in between Continue Reading
Westgate Hero Visit (11/22/2013) - Iya Adan one of the West Gate attack hero’s visited the home. All the kids were happy to meet and shake hands with someone who had dominated our screens for being so courageous and saving women and children in the Westgate attack. It was an encouragement to those of our kids who admire to be police men.
Chuka University Environmental Team Visits (11/22/2013) - CUEC paid a visit to the home. Brought kids a lot of snacks, cleaned up the home and helped the mamas with sorting of cereals. What a blessing!
Kids Do Puzzle At The Home (11/22/2013) - At home the kids did puzzles. They really enjoy being at home in a different environment away from the school strict program. They have time to help, play, and pray together. Our annual camp is fast approaching. Here we gather all the kids at Kiereni High school and spend 5 days with the kids where train them on different issues: academic, social, and spiritual. We also do psychosocial activities with the kids. We have done this for the last 2 years and the kids really Continue Reading
School Close For The Holiday’s (11/22/2013) - Class eight and form four kids through with their exams. The rest of the kids through with their end of term exams and closes school for Christmas holidays reporting back in January. As the rest of the schools were closing, KCK was not left behind. KCK ECDE class consists of 8 kids taught by teacher Jane. The kids have performed excellently. Mama Ellyjoy’s Most improved kids in their classes bring tea cups home Michele brings a basin & tea cup for good performance
Babies, Visits, Studies, and School (11/8/2013) - The rainy seasons are finally here. As usual so muddy. We are grateful for the work Reba and the team did last time they were here. All the kids have mud boots and umbrellas. It’s now easier to walk to school in the mud. Meet Baby Myra When Myra visited Kenya together with Reba and Andy, She named the baby teacher Jane was expecting after her so convinced that she would be a baby girl. One day after they left Kenya, teacher Jane was successfully Continue Reading
Visits, Stuff, Schools, and Connections (10/11/2013) - KIERENI PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH VISITS THE HOME Kiereni Women’s guild visited the home and brought with them stuffs such as bar soap, cooking oil, fruits, candy, loaves of bread, maize and wheat flour, beans and lots of other food stuffs. They really appreciated all that is done to the kids and prayed that God may continue providing to these dear ones. They had carried cooked food to share with the kids. The kids enjoyed and appreciated this kind gesture. They promised to visit the kids again. Continue Reading
Pauline, Helpers, and School Update (9/28/2013) - We are grateful to God for another week that He has given us full of His mercies and Grace. We are all fine at KCK. The kids are doing great. A lot of activities have taken place for the week. Meet Aunt Pauline Aunt Pauline is the assistant mother of both homes as well their Auntie. She helps the Mama’s with the chores and also maintains the cleanliness of the compound. Pauline is also good at farming and manages the small farm we have at Continue Reading
Graduation, Shoes, and Chores (9/20/2013) - Kids Prepare For Their Final Year In Primary We had a beautiful day at KCK. The kids are doing fine and going on with their studies. It close to three weeks since schools opened and this is the final term for this academic year. Quite a number of our kids are sitting for their exams in less than two months that will determine their future in high school. We’re wishing them the very best as they prepare. We have great hopes in them. One of Continue Reading
School Holidays (9/4/2013) - We are happy to once again share the events for this. We had a nice week at the home. The kids really had a good time. It’s the first week since the public schools closed. All the kids are now home for the holidays. Below are second home kids having a good time with themselves. We were also visited by a school from Kangutu where we have some of our sponsored kids. The class 7 & 8 kids had time with the kids and brought Continue Reading
Sad News from Humphrey (8/29/2013) - Hi Louise and the Team This is on a sad Note. It is saddening to inform you about the death of Kelvin Mutwiri. Kelvin has been sickly for a long time He was one of the earliest boy to be sponsored by Mars Hill Church VBS 2003 when the sponsorship program begun. He passed away over the weekend. Burial arrangements are going on and he will be buried on probably Friday. The boy was HIV/Aids positive. He has been battling the problem since birth. He Continue Reading