Hospital Ministry

Kenya Connection Ministries International has been called to reach the orphans, the poor, the widows, and the sick. One of the department’s is the medical Department (hospital & hospitality)

Through the help of friends from the United States, the ministry has raised supplies to help the hospitals and dispensaries in Kenya. Since 2008, we have been receiving medical supplies donations from our team in the states. These have included: hospital beds, wheel chairs, drugs, syringes, hospital blankets, gauze, stethoscopes, clutches, theatre kits etc. which have benefited many hospitals & dispensaries in Kenya.

The Kenya Connection team in the state is very passionate on raising these supplies including Emory hospital, med share, individuals, & groups.

When we took supplies to Chuka hospital they were so grateful that they were on time. Some didn’t have a stethoscope and were so excited with the many supplies. Pray & wish that God will open more doors to raise more & help the sick in Kenya.