Bible School

How It All Started!

The Vision of the bible school was born in 2001 as Humphrey was pursuing theological education. Had had served in Kenya for 5 years as a lay pastor without any training where he got a desire to get trained & provide training for more Kenyan Lay Pastors.

Humphrey shared this vision with Dickson Lester, the entire KCK team in the states, Alan & Jennifer Gruber & a friend from south Georgia called David Parrish who is the leader of ISTL(International School of Theology & Leadership)in 2010.

Humphrey & Dickson met with David and discussed on the vision of Bible school in Kenya & David was so excited.

In 2011 they ventured by faith to do a 5-day ISTL Theological training with 25 Pastors in Kenya.

After the training, they realized it was a real need. Many pastors had no training & had a desire to train so as to be better in the ministry.

In February 2014, David & his team came to Kenya and had a time with the Pastors & Church leaders who had received the training. The training had helped a lot in the growth of their churches. ISTL leaders & KCK Board in Kenya visited the churches to see what the pastors were doing and were amazed and Praised God for that!

After the training:

  • A university leader in the Christian union interacted & disciple 20 people. He was also involved in outreach mission where 200 gave their life to Christ.
  • A pastor from Full gospel church got a kick for school ministry and organized outreach mission to a school where 212 students gave their life to Christ.
  • Bishop from Ebenezer ministries taught the church on evangelism and they went out on three different occasions where many came to Christ and has opened more churches.
  • An evangelist from the Presbyterian church organized 3 consecutive missions where 40, 60 and 10 respectively gave their lives to Jesus.
    These are just a few of the many testimonies gotten from a 5-day training. What if the Pastors got a chance to have a full training?

We are trusting God to continue in January 2015 and we are calling upon our friends both in Kenya, USA & abroad to pray with us that this dream would come to a realization. It has taken 13 years and we believe it is the opportune time appointed by God to start the Bible school.

Pray for Kenyan Board in charge of bible school & the US Bible school team as they dream together on way forward how to put structures to realize the dream.