The Children

KCK is actively supporting over 180 children in the Chuka, Meru, Nairobi, Embu, Tharaka, Thika, Chera, Kierienni areas. Some 28 of these are in our children’s Family homes, but a majority is living in the field.

In The Homes

In the two KCK Children’s homes, Kenya Connection Kids is currently supporting 28 beautiful children. God brought these children to us in their time of need and we, through His Grace, and the support from Sponsors were able to provide a home for them. The children are now part of a Family environment where they are loved, nurtured, educated and, most importantly, are learning how GOD has Blessed them in their darkest hour.

Sponsoring these children for as little as $45 per month allows them to have water, clothing, food, and education and instruction in God’s Word. You will bring light into a child’s life. And you will receive light in yours.

In The Field

Currently, through Kenya Connection Kids, there are over 180 children sponsored from Chuka and other villages in Kenya. The majority of these children live with grandparents, other family, friends or guardians—sometimes even teachers–because their parents have passed away from HIV/AIDS, diseases or other causes. Sadly, there are over 3.2 million children who are orphans and need the help only committed lifetime sponsors can provide. Would you pray and consider becoming one also?
In Chuka, there are limited areas to obtain water and many of our children walk miles each day for a small amount for their family. The water also has to be boiled before they can even cook with it because of amoebas that grow in most sources.

Many of these children in our program were not in school before they were sponsored because their families could not afford school uniforms or levies. Levies are fees which each child must have to get into a school. There are no free schools in Kenya.
Each month, our Kenya team meets with the children in the different areas on on what we call “Connection Days”. Our children are notified ahead of time when and where to meet in one central location as there is not enough time to visit each child at home. The team uses this time not only to give them the food or clothing that they have purchased with the money from the sponsors, but also to have Bible study, play games and mentor to the children.
We have been able to tell such a difference in the sponsored children from year to year when we have visited Kenya. All of our sponsored kids are much healthier and each is in the top 8% of their class! What a blessing! Our children are much more confident because they know that they are cared for, prayed for and loved! Consider changing a life today—it will certainly change you!

For as little as $40 a month, you can help these children as well. Your small contribution can mean the difference between eating and begging on the streets.