Success Stories

Silvia Auma Musumba (2/5/2018) - Silvia's was born on October 12, 1998 and currently attends Komothai Special School. She is one of the sponsored kids in our outreach program from Nairobi region. She was born 20 year ago and she was born with a mental challenge. Silvia has one sister and one brother. Her mother is a dressmaker and her father is a carpenter in Nairobi. Both of the parents don’t have a permanent job; they are casual labor and sometime they hardly get jobs. Silvia is currently sponsored by Continue Reading
Dennis Mwenda (9/29/2017) - Dennis Mwenda was born in the year 2004. He comes from Cheera village in Chuka town. When he joined the KCK program, he was being raised by a single mother who came from a poor background. He was seven years old and in grade one. They lived in a grass-thatched house that was falling apart and on one side wall, it was covered with dry banana leaves. At other times, he would also live with his aunt who lived nearby. Currently, Dennis lives with his Continue Reading
Maureen Kawira (5/30/2017) - Maureen Kawira was born on 3rd November 1999. Her father is called Samson Gitonga and her mother is Rosemary Gatakaa. The parents are not to provide for her needs. This is because they do not have a stable source of income since they rely wholly on farming and wages from odd jobs. They live in a semi-permanent mud house. Maureen attends school at Kamuguongo Secondary School in Cheera village, where she lives. She is now in form three (grade11). Her performance in school is average Continue Reading
Kelvin Murimi (5/9/2017) - KELVIN’S Photo taken in January 2017 Birth Kelvin Murimi was born in the year 1998 as a first born to the late mother Helena and had 1 sister Jackline. Education Kelvin joined school in the year 2003 where he was schooling at Karuruni Primary school. At grade 7 he transferred to Mariani where he completed his Primary level Education last year. He did not do so well since he did his exams on the hospital bed. After the results Kelvin was deliberating on what to Continue Reading
John Mwendwa (4/6/2017) - John Mwendwa was born on 21st of June the year 1999. At the time we came to learn of John he had already lost his mother and the father was very sickly. Unfortunately, his father also passed away. He is now a total orphan. He lives with his aunt Veronica Njeri in Cheera village. The aunt is a farmer. John’s house is constructed using timber. It is however characterized by unsealed gaps in between the timber which means that the house is very much permeable Continue Reading
James Mugambi James Mugambi (4/6/2017) - James Mugambi was born on 24th of December 2000. He was born at a period when Christmas is celebrated all over the world. James joined KCK when he was about five years old. He lived with his single old father who was not able to provide adequately for his son’s needs. His father depended on farming for his income. He sadly passed away. James now lives in Cheera village with his elder brother. His elder brother has other kids and thus is also not able Continue Reading
Maureen Gaceri (1/20/2017) - Photo: Maureen at her grandfather’s home. Maureen Gaceri was born on 28th August 2001. She is now 15 years old. Maureen lives with her mother, Lucy Kageni, who is a single mother. The mother has no regular source of income and thus cannot adequately meet the needs of Maureen especially now that she is a teenager.k Maureen attended school at Cheera Primary school. She just cleared her primary education. She is awaiting to join form 1. At school she is a bright young girl. Before Continue Reading
Nicholus Karani (12/10/2016) - Photo: Nicholus with his rabbit on 19th August 2015 Nicholus Karani was born on 27th March 2003. His mother developed health problems and passed away. Nicholus now lives with his grandmother, Florence Maugi in Cheera village. The grandmother is strained in provision of all the needs of Nicholus since she has other children dependent on her. She only earns her income from the small-scale farming that she practices in her farm. Nicholus helps the grandmother at home with collecting firewood, feeding the cows and fetching Continue Reading
Ephantus Miciri (9/6/2016) - Who is EPHANTUS? Ephantus is a 20 year old young man who joined the KCK program in 2011 while in class 6 at a time when he lived with his single mother and 1 sister. His childhood goals were to become an Engineer. As a young boy Ephantus loved playing and singing. He also used to help his mother with home chores. Ephantus’ Sponsor: Ephantus is sponsored by Tom & Anna Brown and family. They have been sponsoring this boy for several years now. We Continue Reading
Ann Jane Karegi (7/7/2016) - Photo: August 19th 2015 Jane Karegi was born on 19th December in the year 2000; a week to Christmas. She is a partial orphan, having lost her mother. She lives with her grandmother (mother to her late mother) who is widowed. Their house is built of mud and in rather a good condition compared to a previous time when KCK paid them a visit in 2006. She has three sisters and one brother. The grandmother is a farmer in Cheera village and does not have Continue Reading
Daisy Mukami (6/5/2016) - Daisy Mukami was born on 25th September 2000. She lives with her dad, Mr. Ashford Njoka in Cheera village. Her father is a farmer. Mukami’s mother passed on when she was about four years old. She has six siblings and she is the lastborn of the family. When KCK first learnt of Daisy, they lived in a mud, grass-thatched house that was poorly constructed. During our visit on 19th August 2015, they were in a more decent house; a wooden house. Daisy attended Ikawa Primary Continue Reading
Muchiri Kirimi (5/21/2016) - Photo: Name with his great grandmother during the home visit Muchiri Kirimi was born on 10th August 2000. Muchiri stays with his widowed great grandmother. When KCK first came to know Muchiri, he rarely attended school due to the financial stress that was present in his family. At home Muchiri helps in fetching water, cutting firewood and cutting grass for the animals. Right now, Muchiri is a class seven pupil at Kanyuru Primary school, in Cheera village. Photo: Kirimi standing in front of his residential Continue Reading
Alex Kimani (4/1/2016) - ALEX KIMANI Photo: Alex standing in front of his house. Alex Kimani was born in the year 1997 on 19th of January. Alex lives with his grandmother who we can describe as a very generous person. However, the grandmother is not able to sufficiently provide for all his needs. The granny has brought up Alex in Christian teachings. Consequently, Alex is very polite and humble. His grandmother practices farming and Alex helps in weeding. He also helps his grandmother in fetching water. They live within Continue Reading
Lucy Mwende (3/3/2016) - Photo: Lucy outside their house, August 19th 2015 About Lucy Lucy Mwende was born on 27th January 2004.She is now 12 years old. She lives with her mother whose name is Agnes Wanja and one sister. They live together in a semi-permanent mud-thatched house few kilometers away from Cheera town in Tharaka-Nithi County. The house is built on a slightly sloping piece of land. Her mother is a farmer and depends entirely on the income earned from the farming activities. Lucy is a very social Continue Reading
Dennis M Njeru (10/9/2015) - When KCK meet this boy he was in grade 2. He was very dull and could not even afford a smile. They were living in a very small house that was constructed using traditional material and the house looked weak. NAME: Dennis M Njeru (C07) SPONSORS NAME: First Baptist Church Marietta GRADE: 5 FUTURE ASPIRATION: Police officer HOBBIES: playing football & Volleyball PROJECT: 8 chickens and some kales When KCK meet this boy he was in grade 2. He was very dull and could not Continue Reading
James Kirimi (9/18/2015) - Photo: 19th August 2015 Meet James Kirimi. At first sight you see him all smiles, very happy, healthy and smartly dressed. James was born in the year 1996 on the 2nd of April. He is 19 years old. He lives in Cheera village in the outskirts of Chuka town, Kenya. James lives with his aunt Lucyline Kagendo, who is his guardian. He is a pupil at Kathutwa primary school and is currently in the final term of class seven. He is a candidate in waiting, Continue Reading
Valentine Kagendo (7/21/2015) - HELP CELEBRATE Valentine! Valentine Kagendo was received and welcomed at Kenya Connection Kids Children’s Home on 22nd Dec 2012 together with other 10 kids at the 2nd Home. At that time, Valentine weighed 14kgs and was 4 years 10 months 8days old. Valentine lived with an Aunt who was then taking care of her, her sister and her sick mother. Valentine’s father had already passed on. The Aunt also had her own 3 children, was a peasant farmer at a village in the outskirts of Continue Reading
Sharon Mukami (3/29/2015) - The 9- year old Sharon was admitted at Kenya Connection Kids home on 21st of December 2012. She was admitted together with other 4 girls and 6 boys at the 2nd home. At that time, Sharon was 6 years old; the mother had passed on leaving her under the care of the grandmother who could not take care of her. She was then picked up by a well-wisher who had taken her to school but dropped out due to lack of school fees. The girl Continue Reading