How You Can Help

Sponsor a Child

For as little as $30 to $45 per month per child in a home or $30 per month per child in the field, you can change and transform a child’s life. The children are saved in two ways: Through the Orphanage and Field Support. We have limited space in two homes for 28 Orphaned children. The rest of the children (some 180+) we have rescued need a Sponsor or are currently sponsored by folks who provide the monthly subsistence. Your monthly contribution insures they are clothed, fed, provided shelter, and given education and instruction in God’s Word.

Those who are selected and remain with their families in the field are provided with with school fees and food supplies throughout the year. Currently KCK is supporting about 160 children in the field.

Your contribution to these children is a long term commitment. We ask that if you desire to directly sponsor a child, you be aware that this is not a monthly choice. These children will depend on you and your support.

In light of this we ask that you discuss this with your family and that you pray to God for his guidance in this very important decision. If you actively participate in the sponsorship of your child, through regular gifts and letters and communication, this child will become a part of your family and you will experience the miracle of saving a child and the blessings of that child’s love.

If you would like more information about sponsoring a child please email us at

Donate Goods

Whether it’s last year’s shoes, a box of pencils, or the surplus computers from your company, KCK can find a use for it; a use that will improve the lives of those in Kenya. Nothing goes to waste. All we ask is that whatever you donate be in good condition, meaning that clothing has no holes in it, machines work, computers function and have all cords and attachments. These goods will be sold and the resulting cash used for the Ministry.

Through donations we have collected and sorted clothing for all ages and sizes. We have had local organizations donate left over promotional tee shirts and hats from 5k runs and cancer awareness drives. Doctors have donated medical examination tables and uncontrolled medical supplies such as bandages and antiseptics that are delivered to the local clinics and hospitals. We have taken in table saws and other wood working and metal working equipment to be distributed to the local centers of education, similar to our technical schools. A school in Florida donated an entire set of books, including the teacher’s guides, for the local school.

If you would like to donate goods please email us at

Donate Cash

If you are not able or ready to commit to a long term relationship with a child, you can still support the children.
It costs $25,000 a year to run a home; not bad by American standards. The sponsor money for each child maintains the child’s uniform, school fees, school supplies and medical costs as they arise. Utilities, Home Mom and Auntie salaries are paid for by donors like you and that is why we fund raise each year.

Your monthly donation to the care and upkeep of the homes can make a difference. Just $30 a month, $1 per day, can result in maintaining of monthly supplies and food, playground repair, utility payments and replacement of equipment as it wears out.

If you would like to discuss other ways of contributing, whether through endowments or payroll deductions for your employees, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you.

If your calling is simply to help, we welcome that as well. Marking a contribution to the General Fund will help us to cover the cost operating our ministry.

To make a contribution please click here.

Sponsor an Event

If your organization is looking for a way to make a difference in the lives of others, nothing can be more meaningful than helping children in desperate need. Whether through organizing and running a fund raiser or clothing drive, or participating in a KCK event with a vendor booth, or providing prizes, or working an event, you can make a difference and we need your help.

If your group, organization, or troop would like to help the children in this way, please contact us. We have volunteers who can help you get started and assist you every step of the way.

If you would like to sponsor an event please email us at

Go On a Mission Trip

If you feel called to join in ministry first hand with the KCK team in Africa, we would welcome you to join us on a mission trip. These trips to Kenya are for the purpose of helping the children. We do this by ministering to them, spiritually and physically. We work in the children’s home, deliver medical supplies to local hospitals and dispensaries, visit with all of our children in the field and stay very busy when in Kenya. We make visits in Nairobi but primarily stay in a rural area on the Eastern side of Mt. Kenya.

Here you will witness firsthand the way that God has touched these children and their guardians through the work and donations of our supporters. They have so little yet are so joyous in their love of God and life. You cannot help but witness the miracle that you have helped to bring to reality.
You will meet the children in person. You will change a life, and your life will be changed.

If you would like to be a part of a mission trip please email us at


The most valuable gift you can give is you. Your time and efforts can make a difference in the lives of so many. If you do not have the means to give in material goods or monetary donations, this does not mean that you cannot help.

We are a “hands-on” ministry. We need those who can organize and mail, send gifts to sponsors when they arrive, and help with events, and of course we need feet on the ground in Kenya.

But more than anything, we prayers for God’s blessing upon our efforts.

Please, contact us so that we may help you in doing God’s work for these children who so desperately need your help.

If you would like to sponsor an event please email us at