Kenya Staff

Phelistas (6/1/2017) - PHELISTAS’ NANDEREMA WAKHANU - House Mother Family Phelistas is the 7th born in a family of 9. She hails from Kakamega County in the Western part of Kenya. On 1st July Phelistas will be celebrating her 43rd birthday. She has 6 sisters and 3 brothers. Her mother is in her late seventies. Her father is deceased. Education Phelistas did her primary level at Koromaiti Primary School (1982-1989) followed by her high school at Friends School Lukhokho girls in the years (1991-1994). She has a Diploma Continue Reading
Naaman (6/1/2014) - Naaman Murimi Njiru - The Social Worker We are glad to introduce to you Naaman Murimi Njiru our new staff at KCK as a Social Worker. He was born in the year 1986 as a first born in a family of 3 children. He went to nursery school at Blue Valley nursery school in Embu town and later joined St. Michael Primary School in the year 1992-2003 and thereafter Morning Glory Junior School where he went up to class 8 in 2003. Naaman was a Continue Reading
Linet (6/1/2014) - LINET KARENDI KITHINJI Linet Karendi was born in July 1989 at a village called Nkangani in Merusouth District Tharaka Nithi County. She was a third born daughter of Mr. Linus Kithinji and Mrs Rose Kithinji together with two sisters and one brother. Growing up in that family was not a simple task considering the low sources of income since her father was a peasant farmer and her mother a pre-school teacher. During her young age she helped with the house chores as well as tending Continue Reading
Pauline (6/1/2013) - Pauline Kaari - Assistant House Mother Pauline Kaari is the assistant house mother at K.C.K home. She was born in 1957 and attended Kiereni primary school from 1962-1971 and attended Chuka Girls Secondary school between 1970-1972. Pauline grew up in a family of 15 children. She has four children and two grand children. Pauline’s childhood was not without problems. I was sent home out of school for lack of levies and school supplies. I lacked food and clothes. The nights were cold for there were Continue Reading
Jane Gatwiri Mbui (6/1/2013) - Jane was born in December 1973 at Nduruma Village, Meru Central district, Meru County. She was the last born in a family of nine. 7 sisters and 2 brothers. She is a daughter of the Late Joel M’mbui and Evangeline. At young age Jane helped at home with fetching water, firewood, herding cattle and cooking. She also loved playing games with other children in the village. Jane went to Kaguma primary school between 1980-1989. She later joined Kithirune secondary school between 1990-1993. Later she joined Continue Reading
Ellyjoy (5/26/2013) - It is worth meeting Ellyjoy “Mom.” Ellyjoy was born in 1972 in Kiamuriki Village of Meru South district. She grew up in a family of 7 children. Ellyjoy is the first born in the home. She grew up among a bunch of many boys. She helped her mother in the kitchen work and grave cows and goats in the Mt.Kenya forest. The grazing of cows and goats was spectacular to her for in the jungle together with her peers they made a swing from huge Continue Reading