About KCK

An Inter-Denominational Christian Ministry

Kenya Connection Kids (KCK) is a not-for-profit Christian ministry founded in 2006 by Pastor Humphrey Kanga and church families in the USA to help the many orphans in the nation of Kenya and to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a country hungry for God’s Word. By God’s Grace, KCK has fed, clothed, and educated hundreds of kids, placed orphans with guardians, and constructed and operates (2) two family style homes for rescued Orphans near the town of Chuka. KCK also ministers to the Kenyan people by spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and providing medical supplies and economic development materials to improve living conditions. KCK has provided supplies to four hospitals and 3 clinics. We assisted in the town of Chuka by providing the books for their new library.

Where we came from

Our ministry began in the small town of Chuka in 2006 when we sent our first cargo container of clothing, shoes, books, and school and hospital supplies. Since then, we have expanded our ministry to encompass the Meru District and the slums of Nairobi. We continued to ship four additional containers with computers, construction equipment, Hospital and medical supplies. We have constructed two homes for the orphans and acquired land to build an even larger complex to house a future technical school and homes for orphans. Through the Grace of God, we have changed lives and had our lives changed. We have seen miracles take place.

What we do

  • Provide support to orphans through sponsorship of individual children
  • Providing a loving family style home, food, clothes, shoes, medicine, education and religious instruction
  • Improve living conditions and offer hope

Our missionaries work directly with kids and communities to offer help, identify specific needs to be met, and provide church services

Why we do it

As Christians, we are called to be a blessing to others, particularly to serve those in need. Kenya is a nation in need. Though improving every year, Kenya still faces profound poverty, illiteracy, religious and political struggles, and there are millions of orphans resulting from these conditions and epidemic diseases. We believe that with God’s help, we can change this country one child at a time by providing a life, love, education, and a bright future to those who had none.