Every holiday we meet with all our kids in various classes. We check through their school performance, do topical seminars for them and encourage them to work hard at school. We also handle counseling at personal levels. This holiday we had class 7, 8 and High School kids. We are trusting that 27kids will graduate from primary and 5 from high school.  We handled topics like discipline, how to prepare & pass in exams, Dealing with distractors at school and positive attitude.


Here in Kenya we have 3 terms/semesters in a year. The kids close school for the holidays every April, August and December. During this time kids who have performed very well are taken out for Breakfast in what we call “Daddy’s Honors’ List”. This holiday we had a couple of kids who qualified for Daddy’s breakfast. The kids were taken out, had a great breakfast and each kid was able to do shopping at the supermarket/Wal-Mart. Below are the photos.

Kenya Mission 2016 Starts

Greetings! We are glad to report that Mars Hill 2016 team had a safe flight to Kenya. Yesterday they did a connection day with Nairobi kids where they did games and craft and later came to the Home. They kids were glad to meet the team of 12 who have come for the mission trip. Today they were able to visit 2 hospitals and at the moment they are having a board meeting. We will keep you posted on all the activities. Attached are some photos.   Continue reading →


Alice is a student at Chuka University pursing a Bachelor’s degree in Community Development. She is currently in her final year. She is required to undertake a 2 months attachment program as a requirement for her to graduate. As KCK we have offered Alice an opportunity to apply what she has learnt in class for the four years. She will be helping us with general office work, counseling with the field kids life coaching & role modeling home kids and helping the mothers at the Continue reading →


Velary is a 3 year old child born to a single father. The girl’s mother abandoned her at a tender age. She had no place to call home. As KCK we have rescued this dear child as plans are being made by her relatives for a suitable placement for her. Velary is happy to be at KCK and she is adapting well. Beside is a photo as Humphrey welcomes her together with Mama Rose to the home. Below is Velary’s time at the home. 


There are also some very important things that we do each and every holiday with the kids. Bible study is one of the things that we give the first priority as the KCK family. We know and we understand where our God has brought us from and where he will be taking us, so we cannot afford leaving Him out. We also did a breakfast day with the kids who had achieved the pass mark set (Daddy’s honors list). It is always loved by kids Continue reading →


As the wise men say that work without play makes Jack a dull boy. We as the KCK family usually have games with the kids 3 times in a week whenever they have closed their school. We have lots and lots of games we play together with the kids during the holiday time. The reason we do this is so as to make sure that our kids are busy and above all we want them to feel as if they are at their homes. Here Continue reading →

Kirubia and Tharaka Connection Day

We also did our connection day which we usually do each and every other month. We also happen to meeting with all our primary school kids from all our regions and we too monitor their health, school work and forgetting to give them some food subsidizing among the other items.   This is the connection day at Kirubia Center with all the kids, guardians and the board members taking a group This is the connection day at Tharaka Center with all the kids, guardians and Continue reading →


We usually meet with our kids every time they close school and this April holiday was not an exception to us. The main reason why we meet with our kids is because we as an organization we like monitoring their performance in school because that is our core business with them. We also recognize them who have done well and the onces who did not do so well we encourage them to pull up their socks. These meetings have been bearing fruits because every term Continue reading →

Update on Exit Home

We are happy to report the progress of exit home construction. At the moment we are done with walling. We are currently at the roofing stage. In the meantime, doors and windows are being done. Photo 1 below shows the outer part of the building while Photo 2 shows the inner sections. Photo 3&4 shows the already completed doors and windows but are yet to be installed. We appreciate all that have contributed towards this noble course.