Here in Kenya, during the 25th we attend church services as we celebrate His Birth and we make Merry. In Preparation for this, kids have been receiving lots of gifts from their sponsors. Some of our sponsors have been sending money to purchase special meals for the kids they sponsor for Christmas. Some of the sponsors also sent money to buy Christmas clothes for the kids. We normally buy new clothes “Christmas clothes” as a way of the newness of the birth of Christ. We Continue reading →


During this Christmas Festive Season, the kids decided to do a voluntary clean-up of the church (Rukindu Presbyterian Church). The kids cleaned the church chairs, mobbed the floors, cut grass around the church, weeded for the flowers and did a thorough clean up to what was termed as “Christmas gift to the Church”. This was so great as it showed our kids also know how to give back to the community and especially the church community. This gave a totally different look to the church. Continue reading →


We appreciate the contribution on Ann Johnstone to the Kids Christmas. Ann sent money that would be used to purchase Christmas items for kids who could not manage to get Christmas gifts. Both the home and field have benefited from this program. Our kids are happy and looking forward to a great X-Mass. Kids new clothes  


During the month we also received Dickson’s package which had gifts for the kids, KCK Staff and the board of Directors. Dickson sponsors Moses. Some of the gifts included: balls, dolls, educational materials, music disks and many more.  


This week we conducted our Connection Days where we majored on giving the kids Christmas food, clothes and other gifts. We visited Tharaka Kids on Thursday, Kirubia, Cheera and Ikuu kids on Friday and Nairobi Kids on Saturday. We had a great time as we wished each other a merry Christmas

December Camp Final Day

The 2014 camp finally came to an end. Everybody was longing for more and wishing it never came to an end. The kids had made new friends; exchanged new contacts and longed to spend more time with their peers; have more time to play together. The kids also benefited a lot especially with the bible lessons and topics covered during the camp. Some of the bible lessons included: • Saying NO to doing wrong • Trusting in God • Talking to God • Jesus our Continue reading →

December Camp Day 4

Welcome to our fourth day of the camp. We woke up to a cold and chilly morning and experienced a bit of showers. This was to be a final day of a whole day training since tomorrow would be the day the kids would go back home. Other activities came up during the day. We had some of our teachers who had done an earlier training on: Qualities of a good care giver, Role of teachers-parents in adolescents, Child development different stages, how to tell Continue reading →

December Camp Day 3

On our 3rd day of our camp, the kids woke up early, did their personal cleaning and assembled for the breakfast after which they left for the classes. During class time the kids had both topics and lessons from the bible. The bible lessons included a bible story, memory verse and a quiz. The kids really love it when they do the bible stories as they also get to share their own stories. Among the topics taught today included : Physical growth vs biblical manhood Continue reading →

December Camp Day 2

Welcome to the 2nd day of our camp. The kids woke up early, had their breakfast and started off for the classes. The entire day had 5 sessions of teaching after which we had games which included soccer, volleyball, badminton, ring toss, rope skipping and chase. Later in the night the kids had dinner, watched a film and left for the night. What a great day it was!

December Camp Day 1- Reporting day

At Kenya Connection Kids we normally hold a 5-day camp for all our kids both from the children home and the sponsored kids. Our aim has been to empower them spiritually, intellectually and socially so that they will come to know Jesus as their lord and Savior and in their lives to be useful members of the society. This year the kids reported yesterday evening at Kiereni High School, we had supper and then settled for the night awaiting the following day. Below are some Continue reading →