KCK Annual Party

KCK annual party was great! The kids had a great time. A lot of dining & wining. Playing together and Celebrated Christmas in our KCK style. Thanks for all that made the party a success. Below enjoy the pics.


Timothy Ngugi, Mama Ellyjoy’s son sponsored by Starnes, Andy Mary Evelyn who wants to be a scientist, displays his creativity. He uses some old batteries and cables to make a spotlight (torch). Below shows a photo as he shows Humphrey his work.


Yesterday we had our connection day. Kids and their guardians were gathered and received their Christmas packages. They were so happy and expressed a lot of appreciation. Photo below shows Tharaka kids receive food and cash, Humphrey addresses the guardians, Kirubia kids with their food. At Kirubia, Hellen shared on the importance of Jesus being birth in our lives. We wish them all a merry Christmas and a happy new year.


The 2nd home kids were not left out. Mama Rose and Linet took time to explain and let them understand what is Christmas and also had a good time of singing and celebrating. Christ is now born in the hearts of these dear ones. Kids answer questions of what they know about Christ Kids celebrate in song & dance


It was a great and busy week as the kids, one after another received their packages from their sponsors. Other sponsored kids whose Christmas money was wired were bought their Christmas gifts. Each kid got what they really desired and longed for. Among them were James & Dennis sponsored by Alan& Jennifer, Nancy Mukami sponsored by Blocker,Anne, Lin Makena sponsored by Cahal, James & Marie, Morris Mwiathi sponsored by Cahal, James & Marie, Loryn sponsored by SS Class Linda Muthoni sponsored by SS Class, Kelvin Continue reading →


Christmas is fast approaching but here at KCK the kids have already started celebrating their Christmas. Day in Day out there is packages at the post office for the kids, both the home kids and the sponsored kids. It touches our hearts especially when our sponsored kids receive their gifts in all smiles. We really appreciated our dear friends for remembering these dear kids in sharing part of what God has blessed you with as you put a smile on their faces in this season Continue reading →


2013 December camp was a great success and we thank God that He has seen us through the 3rd camp meeting. The kids are already missing the 4th Camp. So many stories to tell about the camp, the new friends they met and the fun they had. It was a first time experience for the 11 second home kids and the likes of Mark, 3 year old is asking a lot of the next camp when he will be 4 years and in Nursery school. Continue reading →


Sharon Mukami (Sponsored by the Hartt, Steve & Beth and aspiring to be a doctor), Valentine Kagendo (sponsored by the Hamilton, Steve & Mimi and aspiring to be a Teacher), Newton Munene (Sponsored by Spence, Sandy & family and aspiring to be a President), Abraham Murithi (sponsored by Mote, Valerie and aspiring to be a police man) graduates from Nursery and are now set to join class one with the lest at DEB. These are really determined to do their best and become what they Continue reading →

The New Social Worker

Humphrey and team have selected a social worker who will start in January. Here are some comments from Humphrey about Nichola. This gentleman Nicholas is very qualified for he has worked with an organization that was sponsored by the United Nations and the organization was deal with children just as we do. He is a young man who can easily connect with kids. He really impressed us during the interview with his experience and the value he would bring to KCK for the benefits of Continue reading →

Linet’s Wedding

Hi team! Just got a couple pictures from Linet from her wedding. Thought you might like to see them. She looks so happy! She said the day went well and she enjoyed her time off, but missed the kids so much that she came back a little early. : ) The Beautiful Bride!! The Happy Couple!!