Giving Cheerfully To GOD

Read 1 Chronicles 29:1-15

1st Chron. 29:2-5- NKJV

Now for the house of my God I have prepared with all my might; gold for the things to be made with gold; silver for the things of silver, bronze for the things of bronze, iron for the things of iron, wood for the things of wood, onyx stone of various colors, all kind of precious stones, and marble slabs in abundance more over because I have set my affection on the house of my God. I have given to the house of my God, over and above all that I have prepared for the Holy house, my own special treasure of Gold and Silver.
Verse 5……. Who then is willing to consecrate himself to this day to the Lord (1st Chron. 29:2-5- NKJV)

This text is about the contributions given by the people of Israel and King David towards the building of the temple. The chapter goes to great detail off all the materials that were given for the construction of the temple. Initially King David was the one appointed by the Lord to build the temple. The opportunity was later denied him because he was a warrior and had shed blood. The Lord denied King David to construct that temple.

The king uses all the resources at his disposal to gather materials so that he could help Solomon his son to build the temple in honor of Jehovah God. From verse 4 – 10 a list of materials that King David gave from his own personal private treasure account is detailed.

It includes 3000 talents of gold-(112 tons), 7000 talents of silver (262 tons). The contribution from King David set a very good example for the Temple building campaign.

It was very good leadership and excellent example to the rest of the people of Israel. It remind me the words of St Augustine, the great theologian from North Africa when he said

“Find out how much God has given you and take from it what you need the remainder is needed by others.”

King David made a call to the people to consecrate themselves.

“Who then is willing to consecrate himself this day?” (Verse 5).

Spiritual preparation before you appear before God to offer a sacrifice or worship Him is very important. The Lord looks at the condition or the attitude, and the motives of our Heart’s. The Lord is interested in us more than services that we offer to him. He wants our hearts, he wants our fellowship with him.

The leaders and the people of Israel were touched and moved in their hearts to give towards the project of building the temple. The leaders of the father’s house, the captains and the officers give willingly with royal hearts to the Lord. King David did not just mobilize the leaders and the people to give; but he himself give from his own personal treasure. From his own private account he gives to the Lord.

The materials and supplies given by the leaders include: 5000 talents (190 tons), 10,000 gold (185 1bs), 18,000 bronze (675 tons) 100,000 (3750 tons) and a lot of precious stones were provided for the adornments of the high priest.

When our hearts are consecrated to the Lord, giving to him becomes easy. The King and the people rejoiced because they all offered willingly to the Lord.

Giving to the God is a show of our love to him. For the last many years I have witnessed our sponsors from the state sacrificially and willingly give to Kenya Connection Kids Ministry, finances, gift and other supplies to provide basic needs for the orphans and destitute children in Kenya. Their giving has liberated thousands of children from the misery of poverty. They have provided and subsidize for their food, shelter, school levies, clothes and above all love and affection to these needy kids.

They have rekindled the hope and optimism in these children and youth. As a result many of these children are in school. Some in the middle school, others high school, others colleges and others at the university. Those children would probably have missed the opportunity were it not that the Lord made their sponsors line and that of these children to cross.

The King provided good leadership in giving to the construction of the temple. His example was emulated by the leaders in Israel and enough supply was raised for Solomon to build the temple. The people give with fullness of heart. They give willingly, purposefully, sacrificially and expectantly. The Lord has promised great blessings to those who give and serve him.

“But I say: he who saw sparingly will reap sparingly and he who saw bountifully. So let each one give as he purpose in his heart not grudgingly or of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver” (2 Corinthians 9:6- 8- NKJV)

I have admired the attitude and commitment of men of God like David Livingstone. I read about this missionary Dr. to Africa in class five. He pioneered missionary work in Africa. He considered his medical missionary to Africa as a high honor not a sacrifice. He once said to his fellow parliamentarians,

“Forbid that we should ever consider the holding of a commission from the King of Kings as a sacrifice, so long as other men esteem the service of an earthly government as an honor. I am a missionary at heart and Saul. God himself had only one son and he was a missionary and a physician. A poor, poor imitation I am or wish to be, but in this service I hope to live. In it I wish die. I still prefer poverty and mission service to riches and ease. This is my choice.”

I am so humbled because for the many years that we have served together with our sponsors and partners from the State, I have sensed the attitude and commitment echoed from David Livingstone statement.
For eight years the Mars Hill church in Acworth Georgia and East minister church in Marietta Georgia have been sending missionary to Kenya. They have visited villages schools, hospitals and orphanages sharing the love of Christ. The full effect of all this is the Lord who knows. May be one day you will meet a child in heaven and the child will say;

“Thank you very much. It was because of your visit to our school, children home, orphanage, hospital. I am here today.”

Be hide those who have been coming are hundreds of others. Who have sponsoring children with $30 a month to provide and subsidize for kids basic needs and other who have given money to purchase land to construct children’s home and Technical institute. May the Lord bless them?

Humphrey Kanga