Ken ‘Ya Run: Improving the Economy Through Education

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2016 Runners

2016 Runners

On November 18, Kenya Connection Kids will host the 2nd annual Ken ‘Ya Run 5K. This run raises funds for the construction of the Technical School in Chuka, Kenya where KCK runs an orphanage and assists other children in the county, assists the local hospital with supplies, and assists local schools with supplies as well. With the funds from this year’s run, we hope to complete the final steps of construction. With the hiring of the Principal and the head administrator in September, the school is nearly ready to open.

School Office

The goal of KCK in opening this school is to provide trade skills to the local youth who do not go on to the University, skills such as carpentry, welding, catering, and others. These skills will allow the local economy to grow through education. Your contribution to this cause is welcomed.


Give a man a fish and he is dependent forever; Teach a man to fish and he will never go hungry.