Run for the school

OK Friends, the Ken ‘Ya Run 5K is looking for YOU!!

On November 18, the Saturday before Thanksgiving, Kenya Connection Kids will be hosting the 2nd Annual Ken ‘Ya Run 5K and we need your support. This year the run has raised the money from Sponsors to fund the costs of the run and all remaining runner fees, donations, and sponsor fees will go directly towards the completion of the Technical School in Chuka, Kenya.

For those who are not familiar with the school project, we are assisting in the building of the first Technical School in Chuka. The school, similar to the 2 year Vo-Tech schools here in the States, will provide training in areas such as catering, woodworking, welding, and other trades for the youth who are not eligible for the University. The school construction is nearly complete and this year’s funds will go towards the completion of the ablution block (toilet facilities).

In fact, we are so far along that the board of directors in Kenya has already selected the first principal and assistant to begin the staffing process.

So please consider your holiday schedule and plan to come out and run for the kids.