Maureen Kawira

Maureen Kawira was born on 3rd November 1999. Her father is called Samson Gitonga and her mother is Rosemary Gatakaa. The parents are not to provide for her needs. This is because they do not have a stable source of income since they rely wholly on farming and wages from odd jobs. They live in a semi-permanent mud house.

Maureen attends school at Kamuguongo Secondary School in Cheera village, where she lives. She is now in form three (grade11). Her performance in school is average and she is putting more effort to improve her results. When asked about her future aspiration, she says she is working hard in school to pursue a career in medicine. Since joining KCK, she has been consistent that she wants to be a doctor unlike many kids who keep changing their dream professional courses as they grow up. We pray to God that she achieves this.

At home she helps her mother in washing utensils, cleaning and cooking. She is obedient and very hardworking. She loves singing, reading and hanging out with her friends. She has kept 2 goats, 5 chickens and a rabbit at home. All these animals were healthy on our visit to her home.

We are greatly humbled by the input of Megan Hammond in Maureen’s life. The sponsorship you have given Maureen deserves a great blessing that only God can repay you back. God bless you Megan. We are so thankful.