Yes and No

Let your ‘yes’ be ‘yes’ and your ‘no’, ‘no’. Matthew 5:37 NKJV

Saying no and yes at the right time is a great blessing. The two words can change your life completely. Learning to say that in the right situation will lead you to your destiny. Personally I have come to realize that these words are among the greatest word that you can say. When and how you say it will change your future and affect your entire life.

When you say no to lesser things means saying yes to priorities in your life. The words help define what is important at that time. Some things seem urgent but not all urgent things are important.

The devil tricks us to say yes to too many things we cannot accomplish or fulfill, when you spread yourself too thin, your performance becomes mediocre and you cannot excel in anything. Conventional wisdom seems to glory multitasking but I have come to doubt that principal. You will agree with me that if you multitask a lot you will excel at nothing. Sometimes good results require single mindedness, focus, passion, determination, and quality time.

You become excellence in nothing if you fall into temptation of using these words wrongly because we think pleasing everybody is cool. One of the surest ways to fail is to try to please everybody. God did not put us in the world to please everybody; our mission and purpose in this world is to serve God and do his will and enjoy him forever.

We are to do what is right and not necessary what is good. There is a big difference between something good and something right. Our calling as children of God is to do what is right in the sight of God. Let us determine the things we are called to do and do them in an excellent manner.

Those who are called to serve God by caring for the destitute kids in Kenya connection kids let’s do it excellently.

God does some of his best works with people you cannot imagine, the underdogs. He works within some of those people who the circumstances seem to be stacked against them. He (God) side with the weak, the lowly, the sick, the sinners, the minority and the disfranchised. The list is endless.

For eleven years, we have been serving God among the orphaned and the destitute children in Kenya. With God’s help we have been able to establish two homes in Chuka, Kenya; where 28 kids have found shelter, a place to call home. We have hundreds of others who have been provided with food, clothing, medication, school levies, shoes, uniforms and other supplies as they pursue education.

We have many who have graduated from primary school and joined secondary because their sponsors from the states have provided for their school fees and basic needs. We are so humbled as we see others proceeding to colleges and universities.

Those of us who have been doing this since 2002, said yes to God’s calling and purpose for our lives. On the other hand we had said no to some other good but not important things for our lives. Time comes in life when we say no to many good ideas. As we mature, there are plenty of opportunities to say no to. Sometimes saying no brings in focus in your life.

Let us allow the Lord to guide us in 2017 by saying NO and YES at the right time and for the right things that will bring glory and honor to his holy name.

Someone said that saying no to a good idea does not mean never, but means not right now.

Saying No at the right time can liberate you from the bondage of over commitment and mediocre performance. No wonder John Mason in his book entitled ‘an Enemy Called Average’ defines Mediocrity- as a region bound on the north by compromise, on the south by indecision, on the east by past thinking, and on the west by lack of vision.

The Lord can use your, saying no to change a situation from bad to good. It can give you time to devote the right amount of attention to Gods priorities in your life. The word No will flee you from the burdens you do not have to carry right now.

Make a reflection into your life. Are there situations you could have said no and that could have been the right answer for you? Pray to God that you will say no and yes at the right time that you do not put yourself through unnecessary stress.

Humphrey M. Kanga