John Mwendwa

John Mwendwa was born on 21st of June the year 1999. At the time we came to learn of John he had already lost his mother and the father was very sickly. Unfortunately, his father also passed away. He is now a total orphan. He lives with his aunt Veronica Njeri in Cheera village. The aunt is a farmer. John’s house is constructed using timber. It is however characterized by unsealed gaps in between the timber which means that the house is very much permeable to cold at night. At home, he helps in fetching water and cutting grass for the animals.

John attends school at Kanyuru Secondary school. He is currently in form three (grade 11). He performs well at school. All his efforts in school are channeled towards realizing the dream of becoming a surgeon in future. Ben Carson was a gifted neurosurgeon despite having a troubled life and difficulty in school work. This is to insinuate that John has an equal chance to Ben Carson of becoming a great surgeon, especially now that God has provided him with sponsorship from Jimmy and Reba Harrison as a start.

John loves playing football. Looking closely at his house above, the word ‘didier drogba’, a football legend, is visible and below it the name ‘Chelsea’. This drives the point home as regards his passion for football. He also loves drawing. At home, Mwendwa has 2 goats and 10 chickens.

KCK has journeyed with John for the last over seven years in a caring relationship and the far he has come, all honor and glory unto God Almighty. Life would be harder for him than it is now were it not for the sacrifice of his sponsors. We are full of gratitude for the charity work of our sponsors. May God continue providing for you, as you continue cheerfully giving to the needy kids.