Nicholus Karani

Photo: Nicholus with his rabbit on 19th August 2015

Nicholus Karani was born on 27th March 2003. His mother developed health problems and passed away. Nicholus now lives with his grandmother, Florence Maugi in Cheera village. The grandmother is strained in provision of all the needs of Nicholus since she has other children dependent on her. She only earns her income from the small-scale farming that she practices in her farm.

Nicholus helps the grandmother at home with collecting firewood, feeding the cows and fetching water. He is very active in farming. He collects the waste from the cows and uses it as manure for the banana suckers planted around their house. Nicholus attends school at Kanyuru Primary School. He is currently a class six pupil. Nicholus is both obedient and well-behaved in school. He performs well in school and is usually in the top cream of his class whenever examination results are out.

In spite of this, he still works very hard aiming to be an engineer in future. To study an engineering course in Kenya requires one to excel well in secondary education and especially in Mathematics and Sciences. With the shortage of skilled engineers in Kenya, an engineering graduate is very marketable since Kenya is undergoing major infrastructural developments.

Nicholus loves playing football, volleyball and handball. He also loves dancing and singing. Nicholus rears one rabbit, has three chicken and has a nursery of about 50 coffee and passion fruits seedlings in total. Karani’s life is changed completely through the special gift of Jeanette Richardson, Morning Circle. We at KCK thank God for granting us such favor in the eyes of our sponsors.