Ephantus Miciri


Ephantus is a 20 year old young man who joined the KCK program in 2011 while in class 6 at a time when he lived with his single mother and 1 sister. His childhood goals were to become an Engineer. As a young boy Ephantus loved playing and singing. He also used to help his mother with home chores.

Ephantus’ Sponsor:

Ephantus is sponsored by Tom & Anna Brown and family. They have been sponsoring this boy for several years now. We are grateful for the sponsorship of $35 every other month that has helped see Ephantus this far. We don’t know what he could have been without this great help.

Ephantus’ transformation:

Ephantus has had great transformation. When I handed over to him a photo we had taken when he was in class four, he couldn’t tell who that was on the photo. He is now a very confident boy, working as a car wiring assistant, has a bank account, able to save from the little he earns, has built his temporal house from his savings, has kept goats and chicken and a graduate from his car wiring course. You can tell this is a totally different Ephantus with such transformation within a period of 6 years. He now has a story that can be read among his peers.

Ephantus’ Education.

Ephantus was not one of the brilliant kids at school and so after doing his class 8, he did not perform well. His desire to become an Engineer was so much in him and so he decided to join apprenticeship in the year 2013 where he has been doing car wiring for two years.

Fig: Ephantus working on Humphrey’s car


Ephantus is now working as car wiring assistant in town. He has managed to save with the Sacco and has built his own temporal house and has bought 2 goats and chicken.

But do you know what makes all the difference?

The $35 sent every month for his food, medication and school fees. We are grateful for everyone who has brought hope; Not only in Ephantus’ life but in 180 other kids in the program and trusting even for more kids who are in the situation Ephantus was in that they can find a hand to hold them to the next stair. Thank you everyone for making Kenya Connection Kids!!

Ephantus future aspiration.

Ephantus plans to complete a driving course that he has started and if all goes well do a course in electrical work and become an electrician. What a determined boy we have!