Ann Jane Karegi

Photo: August 19th 2015

Jane Karegi was born on 19th December in the year 2000; a week to Christmas. She is a partial orphan, having lost her mother. She lives with her grandmother (mother to her late mother) who is widowed. Their house is built of mud and in rather a good condition compared to a previous time when KCK paid them a visit in 2006. She has three sisters and one brother. The grandmother is a farmer in Cheera village and does not have a steady source of income apart from the little cash she gets out of proceeds from the farm.

Photo: Jane standing next to her rabbit’s hutch.

Jane is a student at Kanyuru Mixed-Day Secondary School. She is doing quite well in her school work and is determined to perform better. She aspires to be a doctor when she is through with her tertiary education. A career in medicine is regarded highly prestigious in Kenya. Kenya has a population of about 45 million and only about 10000 doctors. It is a career path which requires a lot of passion since ideally one doctor handles so many patients way beyond the minimum recommended by World Health Organization (WHO). During her free time, Jane loves singing, dancing, reading, knitting and washing clothes. During our visit, her clothes were very clean proving she has a sense of individual cleanliness. She has three rabbits. KCK is very grateful for the support she receives from Jimmy and Reba Harrison for her education. Before this miracle from God, she had dropped out of school. What a blessing her sponsors are to her life. She now has a hope and a future.