Daisy Mukami

Daisy Mukami was born on 25th September 2000. She lives with her dad, Mr. Ashford Njoka in Cheera village. Her father is a farmer. Mukami’s mother passed on when she was about four years old. She has six siblings and she is the lastborn of the family. When KCK first learnt of Daisy, they lived in a mud, grass-thatched house that was poorly constructed. During our visit on 19th August 2015, they were in a more decent house; a wooden house.

Daisy attended Ikawa Primary School. She sat for her final examination (K.C.P.E) in 2014 and performed well. She was then selected to join Kanyuru Mixed-day Secondary School. At Kanyuru Secondary school, Daisy continues to work extra hard and giving more time to her studies. Daisy is in school today because God has been using Louise Mell to provide funds towards her education. Her father could not have been able to sustain her in class for all those years and remains so grateful.

Daisy aspires to be a lecturer after she pursues her degree. There is a rapid growth in the number of students qualified for university in Kenya today and thus many universities have been established in the recent past to cater for the increased demand for higher education. There are 22 public universities, 14 chartered private universities and 12 universities with letter of interim authority up from just about 15 universities ten years ago. This means she has a great opportunity to achieve her dream of becoming a professor.

Daisy attends church at Full Gospel Church in Cheera. She is well behaved, obedient and a very humble girl. She helps in cooking and washing of utensils. Her hobbies include: reading, singing and skipping the rope. She is very active during connection days. She has one goat and 12 chicken under her care. We are so grateful to God for keeping on providing for Daisy and may God richly bless our sponsors.