Muchiri Kirimi

Photo: Name with his great grandmother during the home visit

Muchiri Kirimi was born on 10th August 2000. Muchiri stays with his widowed great grandmother. When KCK first came to know Muchiri, he rarely attended school due to the financial stress that was present in his family. At home Muchiri helps in fetching water, cutting firewood and cutting grass for the animals. Right now, Muchiri is a class seven pupil at Kanyuru Primary school, in Cheera village.

Photo: Kirimi standing in front of his residential house

The school is visible from their home. He is doing well in school. A comparison between his last two terms in class seven shows that he has improved both his marks and class position in second term. He is working hard and channeling all his efforts towards making his weak areas to be his strengths in all subjects. Muchiri is focusing on his final exam in primary education next year. Muchiri aspires to be a policeman on completion of his studies. In Kenya, the police are charged with the duty of keeping law and order. He loves riding the bicycle, playing football, reading story books, watching movies and participating in athletics.

Photo: Muchiri’s hens

Muchiri has two chicken and two goats. This is a project he passionate about. From deep within our hearts, we are really indebted to Andy Thurmond for his kindness towards Muchiri. We at KCK are at a loss for words for making a big difference in the life of Muchiri. May the Lord God greatly reward you for your continued love for Muchiri.