Christmas Party at Julius’s Home

On 23rd December 2015 we held our usual Christmas party as it is our tradition to be hosted by one of our board members and this time round Julius & Freshia had the opportunity of hosting the KCK family. The party started at around 1:00 pm and it went until 7:00pm in the evening. The kids had time to eat and also time to enjoy them self with some games. The board member also had time to interact and also took parts in games together with the kids.

This is a group picture of everyone it was minutes after we got at Julius home and every one was ready to have fun.

We also had so time to have our meals served and we eat until our stomachs would not accommodate any more. We also took some nyama Choma (roasted meat) and soda (soft drink) among other things. There were all sorts of food that was which was prepared for us.

This is part of how the food was shared by the kids and plus our board members

These are part of the board members that graced the party among others

They say “Jack without play makes Jack a dull boy” so after the lunch we all had time to play together as a family. The game went till late at evening when we could not see due to darkness.

This is Alex pulling a tug of war with the kids

This is Humphrey playing darts with the kids

Above is Selvine skipping the rope and below is Dennis skipping the rope like a solider.

We thank God for the beautiful day and a fantastic Christmas day we had.

We thank God for everything