2015 Mission Trip Begins

The team of four (Steve, Mimi, Louise & Jake) arrived in Nairobi on the night of June 26th
where they were joyfully met by Humphrey, Hellen, Julius and Reba who
has been in Kenya since end of May. Since it was night they left for
Lucy’s guest house for the night.

The following day was Saturday and we had organized a Kenya
Connection Day with our kids in Nairobi. The tem did the connection
where they did music, had time with kids, did games and have food to the
kids. At the end of the Connection, they were ready to come to the
children’s home.

Its about 4 hours drive from Nairobi to the children’s home. The team
arrived at 5.00 in the evening (Kenyan time) where they were warmly
received by the kids and the staff. It was such a great re-union. We had
time to catch up on a few things, visit the home and spent the 2 hours
with the kids. By the end of this it was night and the team left for
their dinner.

Its Sunday, Reba and Jake did Sunday school at GCC Church for grades
4& 5. The rest of the team went to Kiereni Presbyterian where Louise
did 2& 3 where she had 71kids; Mimi did grade 6 & above where
she had 32 kids and Rev. Steve did Minister at the main service. After
lunch the team had a board meeting with Kenya Board at the home. After
the board meeting the team spent time with the kids

This morning, June 29, the team visited D.E.B primary school where
our kids go to school. They had a chance to visit all the classes and
talk to the kids. It was also a good opportunity to have a feeling of
how a kids day at school in Kenya is like. After school Reba left for
Nairobi to go and pick Julie who is expected to land today. Right now
they are having games at the home with the small kids as they await the
older kids to come from school.