Honor Role, School, Exams, and more visitors


Every school term, we do an analysis of how kids have been performing
at school. After the analysis we award them that have shown some
improvements. The kids who have gone above Dad’s set standard enter in
what we call “Dad’s Honors’ List”. These are then given a special
breakfast treatment. This acts as a motivation to other kids as every
kid desires to be on the list. We are glad that since this started some
kids have never missed Dad’s Honors’ List. Below are photos as kids are
treated to a full breakfast at a famous hotel in town.


This holiday we organized a session with both our home and field kids
who are sitting for their Primary and secondary final exams this year.
We always do this to prepare the kids since that exam determines those
who join high school and College respectively. The kids are determined
to do their best. Please keep them in your prayers. Below are photos as
Humphrey and Naaman address the kids.


We are glad to bring to your attention that the three workshops at
the technical school are almost done. Through donations from Dickson
Lester, Kenyan government and local donors we managed to fit the doors,
windows, do the plastering and the floors. We are yet to the electrical
part. We continue trusting in God for funds to finish the remaining work
and be able to start the classes. Below are the photos of the current
status of the Technical Institute.


Last weekend we were privileged to have some visitors from Nairobi
who played a noble role in mentoring our home kids. Their stories about
where God has taken them from and who they are now was a big
encouragement to the kids. Some of them came from very poor
backgrounds, brought up by grandparents, very unstable families but that
never stopped them to be who they are now. One of them was a Dentist,
Pharmacist, 2 were nurses and one was in real estate business. They
promised to be back during the holidays to do more mentorship to the
kids. With them they brought food stuffs.