Flying Kites

On Wednesday evening 3 girls namely Sharron Mukami, Selvine Atumbuka
and Michelle Waringa come back from school and they were just talking of
how they had seen a kite when they were in the class reading with the
teacher. After the talk they decided to make a kite and using the
locally available materials they picked up an old page of the newspaper,
2 skinny sticks, a piece of string and glue. They picked up the old
newspaper and placed the 2 skinny sticks on the newspaper crossing each
other and touching the ends of a page of the newspaper. They then picked
some pieces of the other page that was left behind and they made some
small cuttings which they used to stick the pieces of the skinny sticks
together with the other page of the newspaper and they made a very
beautiful tail from the page for the kite. It took them around 15
minutes and after that the kite few high in the sky and all the children
were amazed by the kite. This was very surprising to see that the kite
could fly up in the sky.

Here are the photos of the girls as they are making a kite.

These are the first stages of the kite which was laying the sticks across the old newspaper and sticking it with glue.

These are the
pictures of the finished kite and it’s ready for the takeoff as you can
see that the girls are eager to see if it will take off.

Finally here is Selvine Atubukha flying the kite and the other children staring at the kite

We are grateful
to God for bring our path to cross with that of Sharon, Michelle and
Selvine. They have brought great joy and blessings to KCK home. They
came to the home looking sad and gloomy with no hope, but thank God now
they have a great life a head of them. They are ready to live and enjoy