Sharon Mukami

The 9- year old Sharon was admitted at Kenya Connection Kids home on 21st of December 2012. She was admitted together with other 4 girls and 6 boys at the 2nd home.

At that time, Sharon was 6 years old; the mother had passed on leaving her under the care of the grandmother who could not take care of her. She was then picked up by a well-wisher who had taken her to school but dropped out due to lack of school fees. The girl was brought to the home at a time when she was in dire need of help and after going through the interview process, she qualified for a place at the home.

About 6 months down the line in 2013, a Mission team from East Minister visited the home. One lady, a mother of two, called Beth Hartt spotted this young, happy girl and felt a call from God to start a caring relationship with her. She told us that when she arrived at the home this girl ran to meet her and gave her a big hug & smile and at that time she felt a great connection, she enquired whether the girl had a sponsor and after realizing she didn’t have one, she called the husband who agreed to take Sharon in.

Since then Sharon, Beth, Hartt, Leah and Sam have had a good relationship, they write to each other and Beth sends lots of gifts to Sharon. Sharon speaks highly of her brother Sam and sister Leah to the rest of the kids.

Sharon is an adorable child, so pretty, intelligent and determined. She loves beauty and takes good care of herself especially her face. She is always top at her class. Immediately she joined primary she was selected as a class prefect. She is great to be with.

In a few months’ time, Beth will be back to Kenya to re-unite with her dear baby Sharon. She last saw her when she was in kindergarten, now in grade 2.

Sharon is looking forward to this too. What a re-union that will be!!!

The dollar you sacrifice every day does great to a child in Kenya. It’s a worth investment!!!