Connections, Schools, Christmas in March, and more


On 28th of February we had our connection day. We had a number of activities which included writing Easter cards to the sponsors. The kids also were given food; other kids who had gifts from their sponsors received them on that day. Below are photos of kids from different regions.


We are grateful for the help that we received from Dickson Lester for the construction of the technical school. With the $1000 he sent, we have managed to do the metal doors together with windows. Soon they will be fixed at the institute. The Kenyan government also gave us Kshs. 200,000 and other donation from the local community, friends & well-wishers of Ksh.163000. That money has greatly helped to resuscitate the move towards the completion of the institute. With that money we hope to fix the doors and continue with some masonry work like plastering the walls. We are trusting God that once we do what we need
to do with what we have the Lord will continue to supply as He has always done. Pray and trust God with us for the completion of the workshop.


Newton is from the 2nd home. He is sponsored by Spence, Sandy & family. The sponsor sent money for a meal to be prepared in honor of Newton. This was done in what the kids called “Newton’s day”. Newton is a very determined young boy and aspires to be the President. The kids really enjoyed the meal that was prepared by Mama Rose. We really appreciate this kindness.


Steve & Mimi Hamilton sponsor Valentine from the 2nd home. They had sent a birthday package for her which had Valentine’s birthday dress, some candy, and cookies to be used to prepare a party for her. Below are some shots.