At the time of death we will not be judged by the amount of money in our bank account, the social class we belonged, the diplomas we have received in our life time, but will be judged according to the love we have for our work.

The word of God says that “blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy.” Mathew 5:7. The Bible exhorts us to show kindness and generosity to the orphans, the windows, the strangers and the poor. One of the greatest things you can do in life is to do something to someone who does not have the capability or power to return the favor.

We all have a calling to be kind and merciful to the people who have no resources to return the favor. Before God we are all poor, having nothing: there is nothing we have that we did not receive from him. The physical and mental health, the gifts, the talents, the ability to create wealth and all the good things we have are all given by Him. Someone said that we will be judged by what we did for others to better their hopeless condition bringing them closer to our savior and Lord Jesus Christ.

One of the kids at the KCK home in Kenya is called Moses. We first met him at Chuka General Hospital with visiting Mars Hill Church team who had come for a mission trip. We met the 8 month old boy lying on the hospital clip. He was put together with very sick adults in their ward. I remember very well that when the team first advanced to where he was sleeping, he showed no excitement. He looked sad; he would not smile to us. He was given toys but showed no interest. After the team encountered with Moses, the Lord pricked our hearts to get Moses to the KCK home. All who visited the hospital were convinced that the Lord had taken us there for Moses. He wanted us to see the pathetic deplorable condition the 8 month old boy was in and bring him to the home.

Moses brought lot of joy and blessing to the home. He became the badge or the emblem of the home. He is now six years old and has joined class (grade) one.

The KCK home is for the down trodden, the orphaned, the abused, the sick, the abandoned and those with no hope. The Lord has entrusted them to us so that they can receive love, shelter, clothes and a place to call home and above all to receive Christ as Lord and Savior.

Last year we hosted a young girl who was abused. Her name was Jane. The girl was abused by a very close relative. The department of children services took the close relative to court and as the case was proceeding we provided shelter for the girls for two weeks. At the end of her stay all, the children at the home gathered together to bid her fare well. It was a very emotional moment. The young girl asked for a chance to say something and she said “You are all very good people. I would want to live here.”

The Lord has called us to do good to show compassion, to show mercy, to show kindness to strangers and aliens in the world.

One afternoon two young ladies visited the home. After introductions I came to learn one was a nurse at Chuka general hospital. The other lady was a newly employed clerk in one of the offices in Chuka town. As we were taking tea at the table with our visitors together with mama Ellyjoy and Pauline, the lady who was a nurse said, “I have always heard of this children’s home. The Lord Impressed in my heart to give this month’s tithe and offering for these kids to eat. I had come to ask permission to be allowed to do that”.

We went to Jatomy Supermarket in Chuka town and the lady bought food and groceries worth Kshs. 12,000. That amount was more than a tithe for a newly employed nurse. It was like half of her salary. The Lord has been so gracious to supply the needs of the kids from good Samaritans in Kenya and the kids’ sponsors from the states. It is so amazing to watch and witness the doing of God to poor orphaned kids. It is true as the Bible says, ‘Jehovah God will be the father to the fatherless, the poor and the widows’. Let us all count ourselves blessed to be co-workers with him in that Ministry.