Resolve to move on

The people who make a difference in their lives and in the lives of others have some common characteristics. Those traits include: Ambitions, visions focus, honesty, commitment, persistence, self-discipline, courage and determination. If you look into the lives of the bible characters like Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Caleb, Paul to just but name a few, had these characteristics.

Let’s read the word of God spoken by Apostle Paul in 1st Corinthians 9:26-27,

“ Therefore I run in such a way, as not without aim; I box in such a way , as not beating the air; but I buffet my body and make it my slave , least possibly after I have preached to the others , I myself should not be disqualified .” You can tell from those words that Paul was focused, determined, disciplines and had a mindset of a champion and a winning attitude.

I grew up among 15 children from bigamous family. There were challenges of insufficient food, clothing and blankets. I can tell you a lot of stories about my childhood. When you are hungry your own legs become difficult to carry. I remember using potato sack to cover myself at night to stay warm. Growing up in such a family and environment you can’t avoid to be invested by negative attitude at times. The people you see, the stories you hear may have a very negative attitude and impact in your life. With lack of clothes, food, infected by jiggers, lice and fleas, it is like poverty enters your mind as well. My experience is like those challenges of poverty infect your mind and you become cold and weak inside me just like the physical body. The attack on the outside enters inside. The low self-esteem sets in; life becomes dull and loose meaning.

There is no passion, enthusiasm or the excitement of anything. It takes the hand of God to rescue a child from such kind of environment.

I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my savoir at an age of 13 years. That changed my life totally. The Lord gave me hope and purpose in life. The small decision I made turned to be a big decision in my life for it has and continued to affect my whole being and life. After that I become aggressive on knowing God by way of studding his word, prayers and involvement in his service. Even today that is my practice and it energizes me daily to have pursuit for God and especially knowing his will for my life each day. The Lord healed my soul, body and mind. He gave me a positive mind and I have come to learn that the mind is the origin of desires. It is the factory that processes what we do every day and therefore it is a factory to watch. The attitude is the greatest factor that determines your success or failure. The Lord fixed my factory once I accepted Jesus as my Lord and savior.

As we work with the advantaged poor children, we encourage them to form mental pictures of good things in their lives. It is important to see themselves graduating from primary schools, high school, joining colleges and universities. It is very important for anyone to be clear with what they want in their lives.

Evaluation of our mind set and self-image is very important. Positive attitude is more important than thousands of Kenyan shillings or even dollars.

Sometimes we live with people who want to influence us negatively, either knowing or unknowingly. Their mission is to cripple your attitude, moral and esteem. With God’s help you develop a strong will or desire and change your mind set positively. Once you do that the sky will not be your limit. Develop a strategic plan for yourself, family and ministry. Minimize dependency from people on what you need to be and do. It is important to listen and evaluate on people’s ideas, advice and opinions but at the end of the day pursue your dream, purpose and calling from God. Be yourself. You are not a photocopy of anyone. You are an original copy.

Surround yourself with people who will add value to you. Get successful mentors, role models and examples of people you would want to influence your life. Have a high value of yourself. Once you treat yourself as nobody the world will treat you like that. Give yourself a high price tag.

Positive thinking and attitude is important for your physical and psychological wellness. It gives your inner peace, self-esteem, peace, success and confidence. It enhances good relationship, happiness and satisfaction. Positive attitude is very contagious; infect people and friends with it. It does always see the possibility of success and good comings. With it life becomes easy and enjoyable to live. I have trained myself to see challenges as minor setbacks, temporally obstacles , small road bumps and just a storm in a tea cup.

In KCK we are very deliberate to infect our children positively. We encourage them not to let anyone imprison their minds. It is true they faced challenges in the past. That is just a very short paragraph in their life and history. Their ending will be great.

Someone said that “man is a product of his thought.” The bible says that “as a man thinketh so is he”. The attitude is a little thing that can make a big different. Clothe your mind with positive attitude. Make use of the gift of your mind for it is a gift from God. Great aeroplane, cars, trains and space ships were once ideas in the mind of people. Think big, think positively and trust God to riding you successfully over barriers challenges and great obstacles.

The Lord wants you to use your mind and trust in him to shape your purpose and calling in life. Set time each day to pray, read the word of God, meditate, reflect and concentrate on the purpose and calling of God in your life. Once you let God influence your thoughts He will lead you to reach the full height of your purpose in this world. Our gracious God will give the desires of our heart.