Stepping Out For God

Read 1st Samuel 17:26-38

“What will be done for the man who kills this Philistine and removes the disgrace from Israel. Who is this uncircumcised Philistine that he should deft the armies of the living God.” 1st Samuel 17:26.

Our text today is an account of a historic war recorded between Israelites and the Philistines. Goliath was a great Philistine champion very well trained in battle. Whoever lost in the ancient wars become a slave to the winner of the war.

Jesse, David’s father, sent him into the battle field to see how his brothers were doing. It’s at that time David heard about Goliath abusing and undermining God’s army. To David’s disappointment all the Israelites had run to hide from this great champion. It is at that point that David was moved and felt a great urge to be a warrior to fight Goliath. God called him to deliver Israel. David had seen the need. He was provoked beyond measure at the abuse of Goliath upon the army of Israel.

Eliab, David’s eldest brother, discouraged him from taking part in the battle but David could not be discouraged. Eliab asked in him anger “why have you come down, and with whom have you left those few sheep in the wilderness?” 1st Samuel 17:28

In every human being there lies untapped potential, an ability deposited there by God. The great American boxer Mohammed Ali said

“Champions are not made in the gym they are made from something they have inside them. A desire, a dream and a vision. They have to be a little faster and they have to have the skill and the will but the will must be stronger than the skill”.

David did not have much skill in war. He was not trained in military. He was the youngest son of Jesse and had no experience in battle but he had a will that was stronger than the skill. Although he was lacking in skill and ability God used him to deliver and rescue Israel from the Philistine’s attack.

In KCK we do not have a lot of skill or training in serving the orphans, the sick, the venerable and the abandoned. We also do not have huge resources or very reliable source of income but one thing we know though is that the Lord has called us to do something. To show love, to care, to nurture, to share our meager resource and to share our live. The good news is that for eleven years the Lord has faithfully provided for the needs of the orphaned and destitute kids entrusted to us. One thing we have in plenty is the knowledge that the Lord has called us to minister among the poor children and he has given us the will which is stronger and supersedes the skills, abilities and finances we have.

The ministry of KCK was started by lay people. None of them were trained or had experience in caring and showing love and mercy to the orphaned. The Lord opened our eyes. We saw the need among orphaned kids in Kenya. We saw the gap and the Lord told us to fill that gap. We were given a mission by God and for some years we have been on the ground in remote poor villages of Kenya , praying for the kids, sharing the word of Christ with kids, giving food, clothes, providing shelter, treating jiggers, providing school levies and supplies. That mission has given us a purpose for living and has given our life meaning. In return we have seen change and healing of the heart broken children. Never wait until you are specialized in an area to do something that the Lord had called you to do. Just avail yourself as a vessel ready for the Master’s use.

God does not call the qualified but he qualifies those he has called. Those who feel called to do this ministry; there is something each of us can do. You can pray for the destitute, you can help raising funds to meet their needs, you can sponsor one destitute child, you can visit and share the gospel and love of Christ, you can write a letter of encouragement to a poor child and those taking care for the kids. Each one of us is called to show kindness and mercy. The Lord calls you and me with full knowledge of our limitations but he is faithful to equip us with what we need. We feel unworthy and helpless, then it is at that state that the Lord can use you and make you better. Even when you feel low you are not so down that God cannot count on you.

David wanted to know what will be given to the man who would kill the Philistine. Our call to serve God has a great reward. The Lord has promised us blessings here on earth and eternal life with him in heaven.

The reward of the man who would defeat the Philistines was great wealth; he would be given a King’s daughter for marriage and exempted from paying of tax. Let us be inspired and motivated by the reward of enjoying a good relationship with the Lord and the crown of life given to all who will serve the Lord and live in victory in the life on earth. David refused to be discouraged. “And David said to Saul let no man’s heart fail on account of him, your servant will go and fight with this Philistine” verse 32 – 33

When David was reminded that he is a small boy and Goliath is so trained in battle. He said that he is very ready to face him

In 1st Samuel 17:34 – 36

“But David said to Saul, your servant was tending his father’s sheep. When the lion or a bear comes and took a lamb from the flock. I went out after him, and rescued it from his mouth, and when he rose up against me, I seized him by his beard and struck him and killed him. Your servant has killed both the lion and the bear, and this uncircumcised Philistine will be like one of them, since he has taunted the armies of the living God.”

He gives King Saul his credentials. David knew his source of strength. Our strength comes from the Lord of heaven. At times we face discouragements, setbacks, road blocks, crossroad, uncertainties but the Lord who has been with us for the eleven years will be with us to the end.

Caring, laboring and providing for hundreds of children is a giant task. A Course bigger than us but the good thing is that the lord has always promised to be with us. He will give us victory and provide all we need. We will face every challenge in the name of the Lord Almighty God and we will not be scared by the sizes of the task at hand or the size of the enemy. We will face every need and obstacles in the name of Jesus who has called us and died for us.

Working among the orphaned sickly children is like taking a big risk. It feels like that at times but it is better to face a risk and save a life of a dying child than to remain in our comfort zone and the child dies. David took a big risk to fight Goliath but the good thing though is that the Lord was with him and he gives him victory.

We look in to the future with hope, optimism and enthusiasm that the kids we serve will come to know Jesus as their Lord and savior. Let us move with courage and do the task the Lord has given each one of us.