During this year’s mission trip, we managed to meet Denise Benson with her daughters Maggie Benson & Kristen Darby. This family was a real blessing to the kids during the mission. Denise is a very organized lady and she loves to do projects with the kids, always happy & focused to achieve her goals.

It is barely 2 months since the team left Kenya & Denise has managed to write to all the home kids & staff great letters and a couple of pictures she took with the kids & sent them over. The kids were overjoyed receiving such love and so many great memories. Denise has also managed to skype with the kids on two occasions now. Today, we celebrate you Denise and the great job you are doing with the kids. Thank you for your commitment to this course. Below are some shots as the kids receive the letters.

2nd Home boys receive letters from Denise.

1st home boys with their letters.

1st Home girls

2nd home girls show off with their photos & letters