This week we give special attention as we celebrate the input of EAST MINISTER PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH to Kenya Connection Kids. East Minister Presbyterian Church has really done a lot to KCK having provided sponsorship to 32 kids in our program. We are really touched by your kind contribution, love and being partners to this noble course. You are so dear to us and we treasure you a lot.

Last year a big team came from East Minister and brought a lot of stuff for our kids which included bible study materials, bibles, about 50 books, office stationery to name just but a few. They also spent quality time with the 28 kids at the home and visited over 140 kids in our different regions. During this period the team managed to sponsor more 6 kids who were barely some months old at the home. Below is some of the photos of the kids under East Minster sponsorship.

HOME KIDS SPONSORED BY EAST MINSTER: First row from left: Selvin, Martin, Praise, Nessy: 2nd row from right is Abraham, Sharon, and Timothy.

SOME OF FIELD KIDS SPONSORED BY EAST MINSTER: 1ST ROW FROM LEFT IS: Cynthia, Elizabeth, Sarah (Initially), Kelvin. 2nd row from right is: Esther, Dennis, Sammy, Martin & Ann.