Loving and seeing like Jesus

My devotion this morning was from a text in Mathew14:14. I quote,

“And he was moved with compassion for them and healed the sick. “

The gospel gives us an account where Jesus encountered people suffering from various infirmities. Jesus saw demonized people, the sick, the lost, the hungry and the homeless. There must be a radical difference in the way He saw and the way we see. For we are not always moved to act the way he acted. What Jesus saw triggered and evoked compassion on numerous occasions.

Many times as I walk through the down towns of our cities, on the streets I see street children sniffing glue, begging for food, money (change) so that they can buy more glue and bread.

In our farmers’ market and free market I see people selling merchandise that is worthless or of very little value. And they toil the whole day selling that stuff. It is painful to watch that level of need and poverty.

In the slums and villages where some of our kids live it’s terrible. I see on many occasions little mud huts with no bathrooms, no clean drinking water, dirty looking yards, people and everything. Sometimes I wonder what can be done. Then another thought comes and clouds the earlier thought.

Jesus saw and sees very differently from what we see. He saw and paid attention to the hungry, the thirsty, the poor, the children and the rich. He met the need of those he saw and also sympathized with their situation.

How do we see? I remembered the year 2009 when the KCK US team visited Chuka General Hospital in Kenya. They saw an abandoned 8-month- old baby boy who was living in a small hospital bed. The poor young boy looked sad. He would not smile. You would give him a toy and he was never very interested. The boy was abandoned in the bushes over 15 miles away from the hospital. A Good Samaritan took the boy to the police station and the police took him to the general hospital to be accommodated not because the boy was sick but because it was the only place available for the government to keep its guest.

When both KCK US team and the Kenya team saw the boy, all of us were moved with compassion. Everybody wished the boy would join our newly established children’s’ home but it was already filled up to capacity. Even with all that everybody felt that the boy needed to be at the home. When mama Ellyjoy heard the predicament that we were all in, she said she could have Moses come to the home to be the baby of the family. She prepared a baby crib in her room and the baby moved in. Moses is now above five years old and ever since he joined the children home, he became a badge or the emblem of the home. Everybody loved him and is our darling. He wants to become a policeman when he grows up.

May the lord give us his eyes so that we can see as He sees? May He give us his compassion so that in the same love and concern we can direct it to all who He brings our way to show them love and compassion.