This being a new year we were expecting that the kids who had finished primary school level would join high school for their O level education. We are glad to inform you that we have been able to take 1 kid from the home and 11 sponsored kids. The kids were looking very excited as they eagerly waited for their 1st day in high school. They include:

A. Alex Kimani sponsored by Mell, louise

B. Caroline Makena sponsored by Toole, Theresa.

C. Dennis Gitonga sponsored by Alan & Jennifer.

D. Dolly Karegi sponored by House of Hope Intl’.

E. Hellen Makena sponsored by Thew, Patricia.

F. John Mwendwa sponsored by Reba Harrison SS class.

G. John Murimi sponored by Friendship SS class ATT;Vicki Callahan.

H. Kelvin Muthomi sponsored by Galligan, Michael.

I. Linet Kaimenyi sponsored by Lynette fisher.

J. Martin Murimi sponsored by Fernandes, Mellissa, & Tom.

K. Melody Tamasha sponsored by Friendship SS class ATT; Vicki Callahan.

L. Mukami Sadra sponsored by Atkins, Paula.