Steve’s First Mission Trip

In January 2014, from the 6th to the 18th, I participated in my first mission trip for KCK. We were very successful in our first train the trainer classes and demonstrated that the technical school is not only viable but desirable.

Here are a selection of the pictures taken over the two weeks I was there that will give you an idea of what we did and introduce you to some of the children we support.

I was gone for about two weeks. The trip over was via Amsterdam. Atlanta to Amsterdam is about 9 hours and from Amsterdam to Nairobi is another 10 hours. We left Atlanta at about 5:30 PM on Monday and arrived in Nairobi at about 10:30pm on Tuesday. Needless to say, we were a bit tired. The Kenya team picked us up and we all stayed in Nairobi that night. On Wednesday, we did some shopping for the homes, as it can be cheaper in Nairobi than in Chuka, so the team took advantage of being there to get some items. It was about 8 pm by the time we made Chuka, so it was Thursday before I got to see the homes.

The training took place on Thursday, Friday, Monday, and Tuesday. Since the School is not complete nor secure, the training took place in the driveway at the homes, where we could put the tools back into the container each night to lock them up. We had four young men training to be trainers and they were joined by six students on Friday – Tuesday. The classes started with safety and overviews of the tools and what they are used for. They we demonstrated each and worked with each student to provide them with hands on. In the end we had collectively produced a bookshelf using no nails or glue. It was based on an article I read several years ago and was able to sketch out.

After classes we got to play with the kids at the homes. On both Saturdays, we participated in Connection Days. These are days where we visit the field to meet with the children we sponsor that are not in the homes, and their guardians. We collect their current standing in school and provide them with some basic staples such as meal and sugar. These meetings are all over the area, as we have sponsored children in Tharaka, Chuka, Nairobi and many other areas.

I also was able to participate in some goodwill meetings with the local police commissioners and the County Commissioner. These meetings are very important as well in order to maintain visibility in the community. They have paid off nicely with extra attention from the various offices that has helped us in many ways.

Please enjoy the pictures and know that your prayers were heard and the mission was a success.