Dickson and Steve’s first weekend

Saturday The 11th

Connection Day

This is usually one of the great days we have at KCK. It’s a day we meet with the sponsored kids at the field and spend the day with them. We evaluate their school performances, the progress of their projects, give them food, get communication for their sponsors, and get info from the field co-coordinators and the guardians on the progress of each child. We also do psycho-social activities with the kids as we also share with them the love of Christ in our VBS’s.

Dickson Lester, Steve Hamilton and the Kenyan team had a connection day at Tharaka on this day. Dickson did a great skit with Paul. Below are some of the photos on the activities they did.

The kids receive a ball from the team. They also sent Dickson & Steve with gifts to send to their sponsors.

At The Home

Back at the home, the 1st home kids were at school for their tuition. The 2nd home kids were home for the weekend. Some friends from Australia visited the kids and brought them food stuffs, candy and drinks. They also did puzzle, and other games with the kids. The kids were so happy.


Dickson & Steve had a good time to play with the kids before dinner. The kids really enjoyed the playing especially the tickling.

Evening came and we had a great dinner with Dickson & Steve, the Kenyan team and the kids. We had African dish and the US team enjoyed the dish. Steve is coping well with the Kenyan food though the sun is too hard him, he is enjoying a lot.


The team attended a service at Kiereni Presbyterian church where Humphrey and the family fellowships. Dickson ministered in the youth service where he ministered that:
God has a plan for you in 2014 (Does your plan fit in God’s plan?)
Steve ministered during the main service where he spoke about pride with reference from Philippians 3:4-16. During the sermon he gave a testimony of how he gave his life to Jesus. He is a great minister. People wanted to hear him again and again unfortunately he had to end his sermon hoping to get another opportunity some other day.

After the service, they left for lunch in town.

Later in the afternoon, the team visited Ken Mawira from Cheera who is sponsored by Dickson. They had a good time at Ken’s place with some of the kids from the village who joined in to see the ‘Mzungu . The team took that opportunity to introduce Jesus to the kids.

They left Ken’s place late in the night tired but happy that much had been accomplished.