Pauline, Helpers, and School Update

We are grateful to God for another week that He has given us full of His mercies and Grace. We are all fine at KCK.

The kids are doing great. A lot of activities have taken place for the week.

Meet Aunt Pauline

Aunt Pauline is the assistant mother of both homes as well their Auntie. She helps the Mama’s with the chores and also maintains the cleanliness of the compound. Pauline is also good at farming and manages the small farm we have at the home where we grow maize and beans that are used at the home. She is very active and all admire her dedication to what he does. A great blessing she is.

Aunt Pauline prepares to cook some rice for the kids.

Helpers at the home

We have been graced by two helpers at the home this week:

Aileen a 2nd year student at Chuka University volunteered to help at the home for the weekend. She is so good with the kids, she has helped mama Rose clean utensils, cook for the kids, sort rice and other cereals. The kids were happy for her company last night as she spent with them. May God bless Aileen for her kind heart and love for the kids. We really appreciate her help.

Mama Kawira a neighbor has been helping Mama Ellyjoy with washing clothes, organizing the house, cooking, and also cleaning the compound. She is so loving and so passionate in all she does. We admire her dedication to serve the kids. May God greatly bless her.

Irene helps with the cooking

Irene helps with the cooking

Mama Kawira with the dishes

Mama Kawira with the dishes

Social worker interview

We’ve held interviews for the social worker. The social worker’s overall responsibility will be to develop social, mental, spiritual, and intellectual wellbeing of the children under our care. The social worker will be the link between the sponsors, the board of management, field co-coordinators, and international board of directors in Kenya and Abroad. Among the 21 candidates 9 were shortlisted and 6 who attended the interview have been interviewed. The panel constituted of all the board members and experts in the said field. We are yet to release the top candidate. We believe and trust that God is giving us the best person for the sake of the children.

Candidates wait for the interview to start

Candidates wait for the interview to start



Construction of the Technical Institute

We have already roofed the three workshops for the technical institute. We are now concentrating on doing the walls. We would wish to provide vocational training and development centre to these needy children.

Once that institute starts we will also enroll school leavers who are talented with skill and craftsmanship to come for training in carpentry, joinery, dressmaking, food and beverages, plumbing, masonry and other relevant skills to equip the youth of this county in accordance with vision 2030.

The training they get will make them self-reliant and will help them develop industries and hence provide more jobs to the unemployed youth. The returns from the institute will also help in running of the home.

Construction of the walls of the three workshops of the technical institute going on.

Kiereni Presbyterian church women visit the home

Kiereni women’s guild visited the home: more on our next update …