Kenya connection Kids Children’s Home in the last few months has been sheltering kids temporarily. The cases we have so far handled are of abandoned & abused kids. We admitted our first rescue kid aged 1.5 years on 21/03/2013. This baby was abandoned at Chuka town on 20/03/2013 and a good Samaritan took her to Chuka Police Station and then to Chuka General hospital for checkup. Due to the fact that the child was in need of care and protection and has been staying at the police station which is not a good place for kids, the Children’s Officer made an application that we offer a temporary shelter at the home as they look for a place to commit her through the court as nobody had come to claim the child and the efforts to trace the parents had been futile.

A rescue bed was created at Mama Rose’s home and we housed the jovial baby girl. The girl had gotten used to being with the kids and all had grown fond of her, when the children’s officer reported that they had found an institution fit for the kid and was ready to commit her through the court to the new institution. On 2/04/2013 we discharged the baby to her new home, New Life Home.


On 21/06/2013, 2 months 19 days after we had discharged our first baby, a second application was made by the Children’s officer concerning another kid, this time 5 years old. This kid was abandoned together with her other 3 siblings after the parents had a family disagreement. Both parents left the kids on their own. This prompted the older kid, 14-years old, to leave school and look after his siblings despite the fact that there was no food.

We housed the kid temporarily as the Officers did what they could to have the father apprehended to answer charges of neglecting the children. On 9/07/2013, the officer reported that they had found the parents and were taking back their responsibility of caring for their kids. Though painful we had to let the girl go.



On 26/07/2013, 17 days after we had discharged our second rescue child, a time when Mars Hill team was here, we received another application from the children’s office concerning another girl aged 9 years. The child was born of a single mother who was a bar attendant. The mother abandoned the child when she was very young to her father who had separated with his wife. The child had been under physical possession of the grandfather who together with the Child’s uncle turned to be the abuser of the child. The sexual abuse was reported by the child to her teacher who then took her for medical checkup and the matter reported to the police.

In the view of the foregoing, and due to the fact that the child was in need of care and protection and the mother cannot be traced, the child was placed at the home for temporary shelter as she awaited to testify to court on 29/07/2013. After the testimony could not materialize and postponed to 1st October, the kid was discharged on 1/08/2013 to a Children’s home a distance away for security reasons. Our prayer is that justice be served.